Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Berried Treasure's Beans are here today!! BUZZARD CREST is back with grapes and grape juices!!!

Berried Treasures will be here on Saturday from now on, with unique items like their wonderful black cranberry beans, pink butter beans, flageolets, and other terrific shelling beans, in addition to their haricots verts, Tri-Star strawberries, and other delicious produce. Buzzard Crest is here with their wonderful grape juices and grapes -- the earliest season they've ever had!!

This is your last chance to get Dutch Mill's beautiful lycianthus, but they've got wonderful gladiolas and other beautiful flowers which will continue for quite a while. River Garden is also here with lovely wildflower bouquets.

The peach season is almost over, according to several farmers I spoke to this morning. Cheerful Cherry, Locust Grove, and Oak Grove still have them and Terhune should have them today as well. Keith, Stokes, Eckerton, Oak Grove, Sycamore, and others have succulent heirloom tomatoes and D'Attolico's tomatoes are just starting to come in. Norwich Meadows also has heirloom tomatoes, eggplants, squashes, and beans. Northshire has Romano beans, eggplants, and wild cress and Mountain Sweet Berry has Tri-Star strawberries, basil, wild arugula, spiglorelli broccoli, and some unique potato varieties.

Violet Hill has delicious eggs, "Almost Wild Guinea Hens", and several interesting mushroom varieties. Quattro's has chickens, pheasants, chicken eggs and turkey eggs.

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