Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Keith is back! Eckerton has gorgeous lettuces and sugar snap peas.

Strawberries -- Lani, Stokes, Cherry Lane, and others.
Sugar snap peas -- Cherry Lane, Eckerton
Asparagus -- Lani, Cherry Lane, Hoeffner, Stokes, S&SO, and others
Lettuces and other greens -- Norwich Meadows, Eckerton, Lani, 9J, Cherry Lane, Miglorelli, D'Attolico, Gorzynsky, Lani, Cornuco, and others
Milk -- Ronnybrook and Milk Thistle
Cheeses, butters, yogurts -- Ronnybrook, Three Corner Field Farm, Cato Corner
Poultry -- Quattro's (duck,chicken,pheasant, sausages, etc.), Violet Hill
Meats -- Quattro's (venison), Flying Pig (Pork cuts, bacon, etc.)
Cut and potted herbs -- Stokes, Oak Grove, Binder, Caradonna, Keith
Beans and Bread -- Cayuga
Potted Flowers -- Hodgson, Oak Grove, Van Houten, Hoeffner
Cut Flowers -- Durr (peonies, old fashioned irises, other country flowers), River Garden

Friday, May 27, 2011

Stokes Has Strawberries!! May Have Cherry Tomatoes Tomorrow! KEITH WILL BE HERE TOMORROW!!

Stokes has strawberries and asparagus as well as sorrel, flowering broccoli rabe, chamomile, and other herbs. Muddy River has young garlic and other greens and fragrant mint. Samascott has lots of rhubarb and asparagus along with other vegetables and apples. Oak Grove says this week and next week are the last for their excellent heirloom tomato plants, but they've just started with their pepper plants. Deep Mountain is here with maple syrup and other maple products as well as their last week for fiddleheads. Tremblay has various kinds of honey. Two Guys and Queens County Farm Museum have salad and other greens and herbs.

Berried Treasures has lupins, garlic chives, savory, hyssop, green garlic, and lovage. Beth's Farm Kitchen has delicious jams, chutneys, and pickled ramps and other vegetables. This is probably the last day for Dutchmill's beautiful and fragrant peonies. Cayuga is here with their wonderful ale bread and Divine Brine has tasty pickled beets and other pickled vegetables.
Bodhitree has strawberries, cherry and heirloom tomatoes, sugar snap peas, salad and other greens and herbs. Fazio is here with duck, chicken, and guinea hen eggs, ducks and duck parts, chicken and chicken parts, and rabbit. Dancing Ewe has brought in their tasty cheeses, merquez, and ricotta (My favorite is the truffle--so light and subtle.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Honey Hollow has Mushrooms, Ramps, and Herbs.Cherry Lane and Bodhitree Have Great Looking Greenhouse Heirloom Tomatoes.

Cherry Lane has sugar snaps, salad greens, spinach, strawberries, asparagus, and other produce. Ronnybrook is moving across the walkway from their 20 year old spot! Madura has delicious looking mushrooms, as does Bulich. The ostrich meat stand has only ostrich meat today. (Ask them what they bring in on Mondays!) Mountain Sweet Berry has spring garlic, wild Italian arugula, cultivated wild chicory, chives, and Rose Valley potatoes

Windfall has all sorts of delicious greens, including "Red Bordeaux spinach", and various sizes of lettuce and mesclun mixes. Andrew's Honey and Beth's Farm Kitchen are here and Cayuga has all sorts of beans, flours, grains, and two delicious addictive breads. Silva Orchids, River Garden, and Dutchmill all have beautiful flowers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hudson Valley Duck Farm is NOT here today.

Lani has young onions, new garlic, and ZUCCHINI BLOSSOMS, as well as asparagus, salad and other greens, herbs, eggs, radishes, strawberries,and beautiful baby beets. Central Valley Farm is here with soups, sauces, cheeses, eggs, marinated mozzarella, and butter. Consider Bardwell has several tasty cheeses, and the lavender people are here with edible lavender, plants, and various related gift items.

Dutchmill has beautiful irises and fragrant peonies. Madura has several kinds of mushroom and PE&DD has great looking fresh fish. Tello's has various types of chicken egg in several sizes. D&J organic farm has kimchee, bok choi, carrots, Chinese cabbage, and other produce. Duncan Dairy Farm is here with milk. Troncillito has vegetables, cider, apples, basil plants, and other items. Maxwell's Farmstand is here with lovage, strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, rutabaga, herbs, leeks, and other vegetables. Race has herb plants, flowering plants, pastries, honey, and other items.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stokes Fresh Cut Herbs, Cherry Lane and Lani's STRAWBERRIES, Gorzynski's RHUBARB

Eckerton has mixed radishes, several kinds of heirloom lettuce, and other vegetables. Cherry Lane has greenhouse tomatoes, asparagus, lettuces, STRAWBERRIES, and fresh cut oregano. Cornuco has various salad and other organic greens. Gorzynski has burdock, eggs, and many kinds of organic salad and braising greens. Seatuck and PE&DD are here with fish and shellfish. Cato and Valley Shepherd have terrific cheeses and Ronnybrook has cheeses, ice creams, milks, and yogurt. Cayuga has breads made by Orwashers and delicious grains, beans, flours, and cornbread mix. Beth's Farm Kitchen has jams and chutneys wrapped for gifts in addition to their interesting cookbook and preserves.

Stokes has beautiful potted herb and flowering plants and fresh cut sorrel, mint, chives, and other herbs. Binder, Silver Heights, Oak Grove, Hoeffner, and others have beautiful herb and flowering plants and Oak Grove has many kinds of heirloom tomato plant. River Garden, Rose Meadow, Durr, and others have lovely cut flowers.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bodhitree's Strawberries!! Berried Treasures fiddleheads and ramps!! Norwich Meadows tiny beets!! Muddy River's red cipollini onions!

Samascott has beautiful rhubarb and gorgeous French lilacs today. Stokes and Bodhitree have purple and green asparagus and Bodhitree has good looking greenhouse tomatoes. Norwich has an extensive variety of braising and salad greens, including Tuscan and Russian kales, as does Bodhitree, and Muddy River has Swiss chard, green spring garlic,broccoli rabe, and other greens. Tundra Brewery is here with beer. (I haven't tasted it yet. 8 A.M. is too early for me!)

Cheerful Cherry has lovely succulents and other potted plants and Oak Grove and Stokes have good looking potted herb plants. Bodhitree has sugar snap peas and English shell peas. Miglorelli has many greens, including kales and salad greens, and rhubarb. Bobolink Dairy is here with cheeses and breads and Cayuga has ale bread, whole wheat bread, and their excellent grains, flours, beans, and cornbread mix. Beth's Farm Kitchen is here with tempting jams and other treats, and Dutchmill flower farm has beautiful irises and peonies. Tello's has multi-colored and sized eggs. Hammond Dairy has their tasty yogurts.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dutchmill has peonies!! Cherry Lane, Bodhitree, and Kernan have STRAWBERRIES!!

Bodhitree has green and purple asparagus, greenhouse heirloom tomatoes, beautiful salad greens, English shell peas, pea shoots, and STRAWBERRIES. Cherry Lane has asparagus, STRAWBERRIES, lovely big bags of salad greens, and other delicious vegetables. Silver Heights has vegetable, herb, and other potted plants. S&SO has various kinds of onion, salad greens, herbs, and other vegetables. Berried Treasures has FIDDLEHEADS, RAMPS, lilacs, tiny potatoes, RHUBARB,and herbs. Cayuga is here with their excellent cornbread mix, grains, flours, beans, and breads. Hot Bread Kitchen has various baked goods and Blue Moon has excellent fresh fish. Andrew's Honey is back and Mountain Sweet Berry has RAMPS, FIDDLEHEADS, wild arugula, PEA SHOOTS, young garlic,and potatoes.

Windfall has all sorts and sizes of greens and edible flowers. Tello is here with various types of egg. Ronnybrook has several flavors of ice cream, including blueberry, toasted hazelnut, and coconut, as well as milks, butters, and yogurts. Shushan has hydroponic tomatoes, herbs, and salad greens. Miglorelli has greens and radishes, as well as apples and other produce. Rogowski has salad and other greens, asparagus, herbs, and other produce. Madura is here with many kinds of mushroom.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eckerton's Butterhead Lettuce and Field Grown Greens, Asparagus from Stokes, Lani, Cherry Lane, Hoeffner, and others, Locust Grove's Rhubarb!

Quattro's -- duck, chicken, pheasant, pheasant eggs, chicken eggs, sausages, etc.
Seatuck -- Fish and shellfish
River Garden -- Lilacs and lily of the valley
Durr -- Old fashioned and Dutch irises, tulips, peonies, lily of the valley, and vegetables.
Miglorelli -- radishes, greens, apples, cider.
Binder -- Herb and vegetable plants, flowering plants, lilacs.
Norwich Meadows -- Salad and other greens, Cipollini and other root vegetables.
Three Corner Field Farm -- cheeses, yogurts, lamb cuts.
Shushan -- hydroponic tomatoes, salad greens, herbs.
Oak Grove -- herb plants, heirloom tomato plants, popping corn, pastries, pork cuts, scrapple.
Hodgson's -- lilacs, potted plants.
Bulich -- mushrooms
Rose Meadow -- Anemones, roses, other flowers.
Windfall -- wide variety of greens and edible flowers, eggs.
Mountain Sweet Berry -- ramps, fiddleheads, potatoes, pea shoots, potato chips
Northshire -- Sucrine lettuce!!! Honey, ramps, eggs.
Violet Hill -- ramps, eggs, smoked pork cuts, Belle Rouge chickens, mushrooms.
Paffenroth -- Wide range of salad, herb, other greens such as chickweed and stinging nettles, and root vegetables.
Beth's Farm Kitchen -- Pickled ramps!!!!! Jams, chutneys, and other pickled vegetables.
Locust Grove -- Lilacs, apples, Rhubarb!
Cayuga -- Ale Bread, whole wheat bread, flours, grains, beans, and cornbread mix.
Milk Thistle -- organic milk and yogurt.
Lani -- Greens, asparagus, herbs.
Cheerful Cherry -- flowering and other plants
Cherry Lane -- Asparagus!! tomatoes, spinach, salad greens, arugula.
Ronnybrook -- milks, creams, butters, yogurts, cheeses, and ice creams
Flying Pig -- pork cuts and sausages.
Cornuco Farm -- Back with fresh greens.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Muddy River's Cippolini! Madura's Mushrooms! Queens County Farm's Greens! Bodhitree's Tomatoes!

John Fazio has duck eggs this week, along with chicken, duck, and rabbit meat, and chicken eggs. Hammond Dairy has tasty strawberry, peach, raspberry and other flavored and plain yogurt. Dancing Ewe Farm has delicious cheeses. Roaming Acres Ostrich Farm has ostrich cuts and eggs and Bodhitree is here with salad and other greens,asparagus and other vegetables,herbs, and greenhouse tomatoes. Flying Pigs Farm has pork cuts and Pura Vida has delicious fish. Queens County Farm has their delicious salad, spinach, mint and other fresh vegetables and herbs. Beth's Farm Kitchen has jams and chutneys and Cayuga is here with ale bread, whole wheat bread, flours, beans, and a new cornmeal muffin and corn bread mix.

Madura has several varieties of mushroom. Dutchmill has beautiful irises and River Garden has lily of the valley and lilacs. Tello has many sizes of fresh egg. Rose Meadow has some unusual anemones and other flowers. Berried Treasures has ramps, lovage,green garlic, and small potatoes.Cheerful Cherry has beautiful potted plants and succulents. Oak Grove has small windowsill herb gardens, nasturtiums, herb plants, popping corn, and pork cuts, bacon, scrapple, and other treats. Stokes has purple and green asparagus and potted herbs and flowering plants. Muddy River has green kale, swiss chard and other greens and red cippolini onions.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mountain Sweet Berry's Fiddleheads! Stokes, Bodhitree, Hoeffner's Purple Asparagus! Honey Hollow's MORELS!!

Bodhitree and Cherry Lane have their new crops of greenhouse tomatoes. Shushan is here with hydroponic cherry and vine tomatoes. Bodhitree has sungolds. It's an asparagus lover's paradise today, with Cherry Lane's generous tasty bunches, Bodhitree's green and purple varieties, Hoeffner's green and purple spears, and others. Cherry Lane, Bodhitree, and others have salad greens, and Honey Hollow has wild young garlic, ramps, MORELS, fiddleheads, and "Japanese knotweed"(ask them about that one!).

Silver Heights has a wide selection of vegetable and herb plants and Stokes has herb and other vegetable sets. Oak Grove has lush herb plants and heirloom tomato plants. Rogowski Farm has some foraged vegetables as well as herbs, lettuces, green garlic, and herbs. Mountain Sweet Berry has pea shoots and fiddlehead ferns. Several stands have ramps.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Durr's Peonies!! Locust Grove and Terhune's Mixed Lilacs!! Gorzynsky's Fiddleheads!!

Cherry Lane has delicious asparagus today. Other stands with good-looking asparagus include Hoeffner's purple and green varieties, Lani, Durr, and others. Mountain Sweet Berry and D'Attolico have pea shoots and Violet Hill, Northshire, Terhune, and others have ramps. Norwich has beautiful greens, radishes, and root vegetables. Paffenroth has unique green vegetables, herbs, potatoes, several kinds of onion, and other produce. S&SO has herbs and salad vegetables as well as asparagus.

Durr has flowering branches, tulips, and old fashioned irises as well as several kinds of peony. Terhune has flowering branches as well as their wild asparagus. Locust Grove has mixed lilac bunches and other flowering branches. There are many stands with potted flowering plants, including Hoeffner, Hotaling, Van Houten, Stokes, Caradonna, and Binder. Stokes, Binder, and Oak Grove have lush herb plants and Silver Heights has all kinds of vegetable plants. Nine J has salad vegetables, including lettuce and organic greenhouse tomatoes.

Violet Hill has Belle Rouge chickens, fresh pork cuts, sausages, eggs, and mushrooms. Bulich has several kinds of mushroom. Quattro's has ducks and duck parts, chickens and chicken parts, sausages, and their excellent capons, as well as wild turkey and pheasant eggs. Flying Pig is here with pork cuts, sausages, and bacon. P.E.&D.D. has fish and shellfish, including cooked lobsters, and Seatuck has shellfish and fish.