Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cherry Lane is back!!! S&SO is Back!! Durr Has Gorgeous Lilacs!!!

Cherry Lane has their wonderful asparagus and the beginnings of their greenhouse tomatoes, and a new location near the 14th Street West side of the market. S&SO has peppers, various onions, and tomato sauce. Paffenroth has stinging nettles, upland cress, burdock tops, and chickweed, along with many more usual vegetables. Gorzynski has burdock root, garlic mustard, scallion cress, pea greens, yellow dock, and other organic produce, along with good-looking rhubarb. Miglorelli has French breakfast radishes and other greens. D'Attollico has young garlic young onions, several kinds of greens, and sprouts. Stokes has several cut herbs, including chives, thyme, and rosemary, along with herb and flowering potted plants.

Durr has beautiful lilac branches, tulips, and asparagus. Terhune has flowering branches, pastries, apples, and ramps. Quattro's has turkey eggs, pheasant eggs, and chicken eggs, along with their delicious poultry (chicken, duck, pheasant, etc.), sausages and smoked poultry. River Garden has flowering branches and tulips. Seatuck Fish has fresh fish and shellfish, including razor clams, mussels, clams, oysters, and eels, monk fish, cod, and blackfish. PE&DD has cooked lobsters, other shellfish, and several kinds of fish.

The Binders, Van Houten, Hodgeson, Hoeffner, and others have beautiful flowering plants, and Binder, Oak Grove, Stokes, and others have lovely herb plants. Silver Heights has unusual vegetable and herb plants. Norwich Meadows has many new greens and salad vegetables, including various radishes and young onions. Shushan has hydroponic cherry tomatoes, vine tomatoes, lettuces, and herbs. Bulich has several kinds of mushroom and Violet Hill has a couple of unique mushrooms as well as their Belle Rouge chickens, chicken parts, and eggs. Windfall has a wide variety of unique greens and edible flowers, including tiny arugula flowers. Nine Jay has lettuces and greenhouse tomatoes. Hoeffner has rhubarb and the first of their asparagus.

Northshire has ramps, spring onions, yellow onions, and free range eggs. Flying Pig has pork products and eggs. Lani has cut herbs and a wide variety of greens, ramps, and asparagus. Berried Treasures, now at the 14th Street and West side of the market, has sunchokes, ramps, and potatoes.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Nettles! Wild Chives! Spinach! Ricotta! Rabbit!

Muddy River has nettles, cipolline onions, shallots, young garlic, and other greens. Madura is here with greens and mushrooms. Queens County Farm Museum has beautiful salad greens, spinach, and wild chives. Bodhitree has greenhouse heirloom tomatoes, salad greens, braising greens, fairytale eggplants, herbs, and other vegetables. Miglorelli has broccoli raab, arugula, and other greens. Stokes has cut herbs, potted herbs, and potted flowering plants. Tello has eggs, as does the Queens County stand, and Oak Grove is here with beautiful herb and heirloom tomato plants, as well as all sorts of pork products. Berried Treasures has various sunchokes, potatoes, ramps, and other vegetables. Two Guys has hydroponic salad greens, herbs, and other greens.

Cayuga has ale bread, whole wheat bread, flours, beans, and grains. They have a new cornmeal pancake muffin mix. Tremblay has honeys and Deep Mountain has maple syrups and candies.
John Fazio has delicious rabbit, chicken, duck, and eggs. Roamin' Acres Ostrich farm has ostrich meat. Beth's Farm Kitchen has jams, chutneys, and other preserves.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cherry Lane is Back, With Asparagus and Lilacs!!

The market is an asparagus lover's dream today, with Cherry Lane, Bodhitree, and Kernan bringing in delicious varieties. You can't go wrong! Cayuga has a new cornbread and muffin mix as well as their excellent breads, flours, beans, and grains. Hot Bread Kitchen has interesting breads and crackers.

Cherry Lane also says that they will have greenhouse heirloom tomatoes in a couple of weeks. They were excellent last year, so I'm looking forward to them. Strawberries are in the near future as well. Silva Orchids has beautiful orchid plants today and Dutchmill has lovely tulips (almost the last of the season -- they may have some this weekend and are looking forward to irises soon).

Bodhitree has fairytale eggplants today, along with other small eggplants and greenhouse tomatoes. They also have several kinds of salad and braising greens, cucumbers, and other vegetables. If you are a ramp fan, you'll find them at Mountain Sweet Berry, Berried Treasures, and other stands. Madura and Bulich have great mushrooms and Oak Grove has lush herb plants, heirloom tomato plans, and edible nasturtium plants.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Asparagus! Ramps! Green Rhubarb!

Lani has beautiful ramps, broccoli raab, and asparagus. Madura has greens and several kinds of mushroom. Duncan Dairy is here with milk and Hudson Valley Farm has duck salami, smoked duck breast, and other duck products. Consider Bardwell is here with great cheeses and Dutchmill has lovely tulips today. Uphill Farm has beef, lamb, and pork, and Central Valley has eggs, tomato soup and sauces, cheddar cheese, and a new product, fresh flavored mozzarella, as well as a sale on their fresh butter. Tello's eggs, PE&DD's cooked lobster and other seafood, and Race's pastries and vegetable plants are here. Red Jacket has juices, apples, and their canned unpitted apricots. Phillips has a wide assortment of vegetables, including green rhubarb. The ostrich meat stand is also here.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Plenty of ASPARAGUS!! Plenty of RAMPS!! It's a nasty day, but still it's worth the trip!!

Lani and Durr both have asparagus. Violet Hill has duck eggs as well as a variety of chicken eggs, and Belle Rouge chickens and some unusual mushrooms. Stokes has cut herbs and herb sets as well as potted flowering plants. Durr has parrot and other tulips and flowering branches. Terhune and Mountain Sweet Berry have ramps. Cato Corner Farm is here with delicious cheeses and Quattro's has good-looking capons, chickens, and other poultry, as well as wild turkey eggs, pheasant eggs, and chicken eggs. Roaming Acres is here with ostrich meat. Miglorelli has big bags of spinach and broccoli raab. D'Attolico has pea shoots and other greens, young garlic, and delicious cress.

Binder has beautiful herb and salad green plants as does Silver Heights (who also has other vegetable plants). Norwich has tasty looking spinach and other greens, radishes, scallions, and root vegetables and Bulich has several kinds of mushroom. Oak Grove has HEIRLOOM TOMATO PLANTS, herbs, pork products, and pastry, and some of the best popping corn around. Windfall has edible flowers, various sizes of mesclun and salad greens. Mountain Sweet Berry is trying a new potato product, "crunchy Indian" chips! Northshire has honey, root vegetables, and ramps. Paffenroth has root vegetables, Upland cress, chives, chickweed, and other unusual vegetables.

Gorzynsi has organic root vegetables, gtreens, and eggs. Deep Mountain has maple syrup and other maple sugar products, and Cayuga is here with ale bread, whole wheat bread, grains, beans, and flours. Milk Thistle has milks and Beth's Farm Kitchen has jams, chutneys, and a great recipe book if you want to try to make your own jam! Flying Pig has pork products and Berried Treasures has small European style potatoes. PE&DD has cooked lobsters and other seafood. Hoeffner and Van Houten have potted flowering plants. Lani has a wide variety of greens and ramps. Red Jacket is here with various juices and Breezy Hill has apples, ciders, and pastries.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ramps, Spinach, ASPARAGUS!!

Bodhitree had some purple and green asparagus this morning. I had some on Wednesday that was delicious! Cayuga is here with ale bread, beans, grains, and flours. Dancing Ewe has great cheeses, including ricottas and hard cheeses. Miglorelli has made sauces and other items from their tomatoes and Queens County has excellent spinach and salad greens. Madura has several kinds of mushroom and Berried Treasures has potatoes, sunchokes, and ramps.

Tremblay has honey and Deep Mountain is here with maple syrups and candies. Oak Grove has pastries, popping corn, and herb plants. Ardith Mae has goat cheeses and goat meat today. Muddy River has greens, spinach, and fresh young garlic. Hammond Dairy has yogurt, both plain and flavored. Samascott has apples, potatoes, ramps, and beef. John Fazio is here with tasty chickens, chicken parts, rabbit, and duck.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gather Ye Tulips While Ye May! RAMP Season is Here! Asparagus!

Another nasty day, but the tulips and other brightly colored flowers all around the Greenmarket make it a pleasure to be there. Berried Treasures and Mountain Sweet Berry are well supplied with ramps and Bodhitree had the first of their delicious asparagus today (all gone already, unfortunately). Silver Heights, Oak Grove, and Stokes have great looking herb and other vegetable plants and Oak Grove has heirloom tomato plants and edible nasturtiums. Windfall has all sorts of deliious greens, edible flowers, and root vegetables. Bulich Mushrooms and Madura's mushrooms are here. In addition to mushrooms, Madura has various greens. Bodhitree has the last of their tasty wintered over broccoli raab. Oak Grove has many pork cuts and delicious scrapple.

Several flowering plant farms including Hodgson, Stokes, Hoeffner, and Van Houten are here with beautiful flowering sets and flats. Silva has lovely and unusual orchid plants. Hot Kitchen and Bakers Bounty have a variety of breads and Cayuga is here with whole wheat bread, ale btead, flours, grains, and beans. Locust Grove, Terhune, and Breezy Hill have apples and cider.Andrews Honey is here with honey and honey products and Beth's Farm Kitchen has jams, chutneys, and pickled vegetables. Shushan has hydroponic tomatoes, herbs, and greens, and Two Guys has hydroponic salad and other greens and herbs.

Tamarack Hollow Farm has many pork cuts, including hams, various roasts and chops, and bacon, as well as sausages and eggs. Garden of Spices has pastured cornish game hens, fresh pastured duck, and various chicken products including livers and eggs. Ronnybrook has milks, creams, ice creams, butters, creme fraiche and yogurts.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lani Has Tasty Broccoli Raab and Tuscan Kale. Dutchmill Has Beautiful Tulips!!

Dutchmill has lovely tulips and River Garden has pussy willow and other branches. The ostrich meat people are here (Roaming Acres) and Central Valley has butter, eggs, sauces, and soups. Madura is here with mushrooms and Healthway has potatoes and plants. Race has a wide variety of flowering, vegetable, and herb plants. Hudson Valley Duck Farm has ducks, smoked duck cuts, and other duck-related products. Duncan is here with milk and chocolate milk and Tello has various kinds of fresh eggs. Red Jacket has juices.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

RAMPS! At Mountain Sweet Berry. Silver Heights is back with vegetable and herb sets!

Mountain Sweet Berry has plenty of ramps today. Stokes has beautiful flowering plants and herb sets. James Durr has tulips, daffodils, and flowering branches. Terhune has flowering branches and apples. Cato has moved their tasty cheeses to the North side of the market near Terhune and Roaming Acres ostrich meat stand. Quattro's has WILD TURKEY EGGS, PHEASANT EGGS, and chicken eggs along with their excellent poultry and venison. Seatuck is here with shellfish and other seafood. Miglorelli has spinach and broccoli raab and D'Attolico is here with tasty greens and sprouts. Ronnybrook has delicious ice creams, yogurts, butters, and milks.

Binder has potted salad and herb plants. Oak Grove has lush herb plants, nasturtiums, and HEIRLOOM TOMATO PLANTS. Friend Ronnybrook dairy on Facebook or Twitter and get a coupon for a good-looking reusable shopping bag. Norwich has beautiful spinach and kale and root vegetables. Bulich is here with a variety of mushrooms. Rose Meadow Farm has lovely roses, sweet peas, and other flowers. River Garden has pussy willow branches and dried flower arrangements. Tonjes has buttermilk, cheeses, and yogurts. Gorzynski has organic mache and other greens. Berried Treasures has a couple of varieties of sunchoke and many kinds of small potatoes. Paffenroth is here with a wide variety of root and other vegetables.

Lani has many kinds of greens, herbs, and shitake mushrooms. PE&DD has cooked lobsters and various seafood. Hoeffner has flowering plants. Red Jacket is here with ciders and other juices.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dancing Ewe has Merguez! Bodhitree says they'll have asparagus next week!

Van Houten, Stokes, Samascott, and others have flowering potted plants today. Oak Grove has lush heirloom tomato plants, herb plants, nasturtium plants, and windowsill herb "gardens". Bodhitree has delicious wintered over broccoli raab and sweet sunglow cherry tomatoes. Queens County Farm Museum has delicious salad greens, honey, and spinach. Hammond Dairy has excellent yogurts and Cayuga is here with their wonderful breads, grains, beans, and flours.

Dutchmill Farm has beautiful tulips and River Garden has pussy willow branches. John Fazio has rabbit, chickens and chicken parts, and eggs. Muddy River has onions and shallots, as well as broccoli raab and potatoes. Madura has good-looking mushrooms. The lavender stand has indoor and outdoor lavender plants. Tremblay is here with honey and Deep Mountain has flavored and unflavored maple syrup, including the 2011 crop. Pura Vida has fish and shellfish.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cayuga and Cato are here, but on the West side of the market.

Don't assume that your favorites are not here if you don't see them in their usual places. As more stands come in for the season, there is a shakeup in positions, so keep looking! For instance, Cato is on the West side of the market and Cayuga's great ale bread, beans, and flours can be found near the West end of the market.

Mountain Sweet Berry had a few RAMPS at 8 AM, but they may be gone by now. Phillips, Hodgson, and Durr have cut flowers and Binder, Oak Grove, and Stokes have lush and healthy herb plants. Stokes and others have good looking flowering potted plants as well. Oak Grove has HEIRLOOM TOMATO PLANTS and windowsill herb gardens.

D'Attollico and Lani have many kinds of greens and Gorzynski has unusual root vegetables and beautiful sorrel. Lani has frozen strawberries as well. Miglorelli has all kinds of frozen vegetables.

Milk Thistle and Ronnybrook are here with milks and creams and Ronnybrook has their excellent ice creams and butters as well.

Seatuck has shellfish and other fish and Quattro's, Violet Hill, and others are here with poultry. Violet Hill also has pork and both have eggs. Northshire has eggs and root vegetables and Paffenroth has a wide variety of root and other vegetables.

Friday, April 8, 2011

New in the Greenmarket -- Divine Brine's Pickles, Chutneys, and "Beet Caviar"

Pickled vegetable lovers are lucky enough to have two pickle purveyors in the Greenmarket. Friday's newest arrival is "Divine Brine". They also have chutneys. Beth's Farm Kitchen also has chutneys and pickled vegetables along with their excellent jams, jellies, apple sauce, and other goodies. John Fazio has such good-looking rabbit that I'm tempted to try it (never having cooked rabbit before), as well as chickens and chicken parts, and eggs. Flying Pig has sausages, bacons, and pork roasts and other cuts.

Cayuga is here today with beans, flours, grains, and wonderful wheat bread and ale bread (both made with Cayuga's flours). (Cayuga has retained their place in the Saturday market as well, on the East side of the market.) Dancing Ewe has delicious cheeses, merguez sausages, and ricottas.
Bobolink has cheeses and breads.

Van Houten Farms has potted plants and trees. Oak Grove has HEIRLOOM TOMATO PLANTS, salad sets, and herb plants. Dutchmill Farm has beautiful cut tulips.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Potted Flowering Plants All Over The Market!!

Happy news!! Enough people protested losing Cayuga on Saturdays for them to regain their place in the market! They'll be on the East side of the park, near 16th Street on Saturdays. They are in the West side near 16th today, with their great ale bread, whole wheat bread, dried beans, flours, and grains. Dutchmill flower farm is here for the first Wednesday of the year and will be here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Stokes is back today with potted flowering plants and herbs. Other beautiful flowering plants can be found at Hodgson's, Van Houtens, and other stands. Bodhitree has tasty wintered-over broccoli rabe as well as many braising and salad greens, eggs, and tomatoes. Shushan has hydroponic tomatoes, basil, and other herbs and lettuces. Rogowski has an assortment of vegetables and Oak Grove has mesclun and herb plants as well as pastries. Berried Treasures has tiny potatoes and sunchokes. Tamarack has pork products and is taking orders for Easter hams. Blue Moon has fish and other seafood. Ronnybrook is here with milks, ice creams, yogurts, and butters. Several stands have eggs.

Locust Grove, Terhune, Breezy Hill, and Caradonna are here with apples and ciders. Windfall has greens and edible flowers. Bulich Mushrooms is here with several kinds of mushroom.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Gloomy Monday

Either some stands are late setting up or their farmers were discouraged by the weather. Dutchmill isn't here today with Anna's beautiful tulips, for instance, but may get here late. Anyway, there were still many stands, including Tello for great eggs, Hudson Valley Duck Farm for rillettes, ducks, smoked duck breast and other goodies, and Scarborough Fields for herb and other plants. Lani has braising and salad greens and the ostrich meat stand is here. Central Valley Farm has butter, eggs, soups, and ground beef (the only beef they sell). PE&DD has cooked lobsters, many kinds of fish, and other seafood. Consider Bardwell has tasty cheeses. Healthway has various interesting potatoes and Race has pastries, apples, and root vegetables.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gorzynsky,Binder, Hoeffner,Seatuck are Back!!!Last Saturday for Cayuga's Great Ale Bread!

Gorzynsky is back with root vegetables and arugula. Cayuga will be here on Wednesdays and Fridays with their great beans, flours, grains, and breads, but has lost their Saturday spot until next winter! James Durr has flowering branches and the Binders are back with beautiful herbs and salad sets. Stokes has lovely pansy and other potted flowering plants, herbs, and some cut herbs today. Van Houten and Hodgson have pretty potted flowering plants and Hodgson has cut flowers as well. Rose Meadow has sweet peas, anemones, and roses. Hoeffner has potted flowers and potatoes.

Terhune, Locust Grove, Breezy Hill, and Caradonna have apples and Mountain Sweet Berry and Berried Treasures have wide varieties of European style potatoes. Rick of Mountain Sweet Berry is expecting to have ramps in two weeks. Just sayin' ... Oak Grove has lush herb plants and tasty pies. Bullich is here with several kinds of mushroom and Violet Hill has an interesting pink mushroom variety. Red Jacket is here with juices.

D'Attolico is here with salad and other greens, sprouts, and young garlic and onions. Quattro's and Violet Hill have great looking poultry and eggs. Violet Hill has "Cayuga" duck eggs -- no relation to the bread and grain stand. Seatuck has oysters, clams, and fish. PE&DD has cooked lobsters as well as fish and shellfish. The ostrich meat stand is here also. Lani is here with spinach and other greens and will be here on Saturdays and Mondays this season. Norwich Meadows Farm also has spinach and braising greens as well as root vegetables. Paffenroth has great carrots, onions, potatoes, and other root vegetables. (I used their carrots last week for a soup and they were sweet and delicious.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Drizzly and Cold, But Many Farmers Are Here!

Muddy River has root vegetables. Miglorelli has frozen summer vegetables as well as root vegetables and apples. Red Jacket is here with ciders and other juices and Samascott has root vegetables, apples, and beef. John Fazio is here with duck and chicken eggs, ducks, chickens and rabbits and various cuts of all three, as well as chicken and duck livers. Deep Mountain has this year's maple syrup and other maple products and Dancing Ewe is here with ricottas and other Italian style cheeses. Bobolink Dairy is here with many kinds of bread and artisanal cheeses.

Beth has delicious jams and Cayuga has ale bread and whole wheat bread as well as many kinds of dried beans, flours, and grains. They are running out of barley today, by the way. Rose Meadow Farm has sweet peas, anemones, and roses. Dutchmill has gorgeous tulips. Tello has various sized eggs and Queens County Farm has good looking salad mix and spinach. Bodhitree has a wide variety of salad and braising greens. D&J Organic Farm has Asian greens and kimchee. Pura Vida is here with a wide selection of fish and shellfish.

Flying Pigs has all sorts of pork products, including bacon, sausage chops, and roasts, as well as eggs. Twqo Guys From Woodbridge has salad greens and herbs.