Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black and Red Raspberries! CORN! Gooseberries! CHANTERELLES!!

Stokes has several kinds of thyme and basil as well as squashes, garlic, green and yellow string beans, greenhouse tomatoes, salad greens, and other produce. Terhune has strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and peaches. Paffenroth has upland cress, red dandelion, puntarelle, shallots, epazote, lovage, lemon balm, and a wide variety of other produce. Miglorelli has peaches, blueberries, cherries, apricots, and other fruit and vegetables. Bodhitree has beautiful squashes, green and yellow string beans, the first LONG BEANS, sweet peppers, greens, fresh chickpeas, and tomatoes. Madura has several good looking mushroom varieties as well as greens and young beets.

Cherry Lane has fresh new red skin potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes. Oak Grove Plantation has several hot and sweet peppers, the first of their cherry tomatoes, windowsill herb gardens, and peaches. Caradonna has blueberries, gooseberries, apricots, and other fruit. Mountain Sweet Berry has wild arugula, chervil, pea shoots, and sucrine lettuce. Breezy Hill has raspberries and apricots. Sycamore has the first of their CORN as well as fava beans, cucumbers, greenhouse tomatoes, basil, and cauliflower. Windfall has beautiful edible flowers, lemon cucumbers, mini squash, squash blossoms, and sugar snaps.

Andrew's Honey is here with honey and honey products. Tweefontein has herb teas and other herb products. Blue Moon has great looking fresh fish. Honey Hollow farm has CHANTERELLES. River Garden has gorgeous country flowers. Silver Height has herb, vegetable, and fruit sets. Keith has rocambole garlic scapes, lovage, herbs, lettuces, kales, and other greens. Eckerton has black raspberries, red and sungold cherry tomatoes, rainbow kale, and mixed heirloom beets. Tamarack Hollow Farm has pork cuts and produce. Berried Treasures has black and red raspberries, fava beans, and other produce. S&SO has purselane, wild arugula, herbs, and a wide variety of reasonably priced produce.

Kernan has CORN, green and yellow string beans, peaches, blueberries, squashes, red jacket potatoes, and basil. Bulich has crimini, shitake, and other mushrooms. Locust Grove has blueberries, black raspberries, gooseberries, raspberries, squash blossoms, apricots, cherries, red currants, and other fruit. Two Guys from Woodbury has microgreens, sprouts, and other organic produce.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Duck Rillettes! Farm Fresh Butter, red and green gooseberries!

It was already 82 degrees when I walked over to the greenmarket, but most farmers are there. Consider Bardwell has delicious cheeses, Hudson Valley Duck Farm has ducks, duck rillettes, and other duck products. Lani has a very small supply of beautiful slim asparagus as well as fava and other beans, greens, squashes,red and green okra, squash flowers, and herbs. Race has raspberries and blueberries. Norwich Farm has squashes, beans, garlic, onions, green and yellow flat beans, other beans, young fennel, and squash blossoms. Troncillito Farm has red currants, cherries, apricots, peaches, raspberries and black raspberries.

Red Jacket has green and red gooseberries, red currants, strawberries, and cherries. Maxwell has red gooseberries, blueberries, and raspberries as well as radicchio, salad and other greens, herbs, and beans. PE&DD has tuna, lobsters, and other seafood. Dutch Mill has gladiolas, sunflowers, and other flowers. Central Valley Farm has fresh butter, eggs, heirloom tomato soup and pasta sauce. Healthway Farm has several kinds of potatoes, potted herbs, strawberries,and cherries.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fantasy Fruit has gooseberries, BLACK CURRANTS, raspberries, blueberries, and Tri-Star Strawberries

Eckerton has black raspberries, their first FIELD TOMATOES, salad greens,bush basil, heirloom beets, and carrots. Locust Grove has gooseberries, red currants, raspberries, black raspberries, cherries, apricots, and peaches. Nemeth Orchards has cherries, gooseberries, and raspberries. Cheerful Cherry has the first of their excellent Queen Anne and dark red cherries as well as sour cherries. Milk Thistle is charging another 50 cents for their milk -- now $5.50 a quart. Bulich Mushroom Co. has shitakes, portabellos, oysters, crimini, and other mushrooms. Hoeffner has raspberries, squashes, greenhouse cherry tomatoes, and flowering plants. Cherry Lane has raspberries, beautiful cut basil, sweet onions, and freshly dug red jacket new potatoes.

Paffenroth has stinging nettles, epizote, collards, several kinds of beet, purslane, Treviso radicchio, lambs quarter, upland cress, Black Tuscan kale, and other interesting produce. Gorzynsky has beautiful lettuces, herbs, braising greens, raspberries, and other delicious organic produce. Sycamore will have their CORN on Wednesday and are here with greenhouse tomatoes, kirby cucumbers, and English shelling peas and sugar snaps. Caradonna has apricots, plums, and berries.

Three Corner Field Farm is here with lamb cuts, yogurt, cheeses, and other sheep related products. Dutch Mill Farm (Newfield) has sweet peas, ksunflowers, and the first of their gorgeous gladiolas. Binder has started bringing in cut flowers, including snapdragons, as well as their lush herb and flowering potted plants. Seatuck Fish is here with fish and seafood. They didn't bring in crabs, though -- too hot. Terhune has raspberries and strawberries (and may have cherries--they were just setting up when I went by). Stokes has garlic, herbs, greenhouse tomatoes, squashes, and beans. Norwich has Romanian peppers (sweet), cucumbers, salad mix, squashes, and other produce.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheerful Cherry's Queen Anne, Sour, and Sweet Red Cherries are here!!!

Bodhitree has fresh chickpeas, yellow and green beans, fava beans, salad and braising greens, herbs, shishito peppers, and squashes. John Fazio's stand has moved to the West side of the market with their ducks, rabbits, and smoked rabbit cuts. The ostrich meat and egg stand is here with various ostrich items and Miglorelli has CORN, broccoli rabe, squashes, blueberries, strawberries, and cherries, along with many other vegetables.

Cheerful Cherry has the first of their excellent cherries, including pitted dark cherries! Sycamore has cut basil, cauliflower, broccoli, kirbys, and tomatoes. Berried Treasures has Tri-Star strawberries, chamomile, sugar snaps, shell peas, and herbs. Oak Grove has numerous varieties of hot pepper and herb plants. Norwich Meadow has garlic scapes, many kinds of squash, beautiful salad mix, braising greens, sugar snaps and flat beans, white and purple kohlrabi, and OKRA. Muddy River has great looking heads of lettuce, spinach, fennel, and agretti ("commonly boiled and eaten as a leafy vegetable -- the recommendation is to cook it in boiling water until the leaves soften and eat while still crunchy" -- Muddy River's notes).

Samascott has RED CURRANTS, red and Queen Anne cherries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Ardith Mae has a variety of goat cheeses.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gooseberries, red currants, apricots, peaches, CORN!

Caradona has gooseberries and apricots as well as cherries, apples, and BLACK RASPBERRIES. Bodhitree has shishito and other peppers, many kinds of squash, greenhouse tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, and greens. Stokes has several types of cut basil and other herbs as well as greenhouse tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Honey Hollow has CHANTERELLES and Madura has portabellos, maitake, and other mushrooms. Locust Grove has red currants, cherries, raspberries, black raspberries, blueberries, and other fruit. S&SO has a wide variety of reasonably priced produce, including salad greens, herbs, carrots, radishes, shallots and other kinds of onions, purslane and garlic scapes. Paffenroth has many kinds of carrots and radishes as well as epizote, herbs, salad and braising greens. Garden of Spices has chicken and duck eggs, chicken, ducks, and duck liver.

Hoeffner has greenhouse tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cabbages, seedless cucumbers,and rhubarb, as well as flowering plants. Eckerton has heirloom beets, black raspberries, rainbow chard, green and yellow string beans, radicchio, sungold cherry tomates,and zucchini blossoms. Kernan has peaches, blueberries, squashes, string beans, yellow beans, and CORN. Berried Treasures has Tri-Star strawberries mixed with wild strawberries, savory, lambs quarters, and potatoes. Keith has Rocambole young garlic, sorrel, golden chard, and cut herbs. Silver Heights has vegetable and fruit plants and Oak Grove has hot pepper plants, herb plants, and edible flower plants as well as corn meal and sunflowers.

Windfall Farm has beautiful cut edible flowers, various small salad greens, and salad mix. Sycamore has greenhouse tomatoes, fresh cut basil, and cucumbers. Mountain Sweet Berry has chervil, maroon snow peas, chives, yellow and maroon sugar snaps, wild baby arugula, chamomile,and other unusual greens. Cherry Lane has greenhouse heirloom tomatoes, squashes, new baby beets, and new red jacket potatoes. Terhune has cherries and raspberries.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Red Currants!! APRICOTS!!! Peppers!! Raspberries!! Cherries!!

Hudson Valley Duck Farm is here with their addictive DUCK RILLETTES, duck prosciutto, duck sausage, and other delicious duck items. Consider Bardwell has several tasty cheeses and Scarborough has many herb plants and flowering plants. Lani has several kinds of sweet peppers, including Fushimi, Shishito, and Padron. They also have a wide variety of squashes, greens, and beans, including favas. Healthway has an assortment of potatoes and Dutchmill Farm(Newfield) has beautiful lilies and herb plants. Race has Queen Anne cherries, sweet and sour red cherries, raspberries, and tomato plants. Norwich Farm has favas, pearl onions, garlic scapes, golden and red beets, several kinds of braising greens, garlic, fresh basil, and persian cucumbers. Madura has many good-looking mushroom varieties, and other vegetables, and Troncillito Farms has cherries, basil, and other produce.

Martin's Pretzels are here and Phillips has red and black raspberries, red currants, and blueberries, as well as favas (in the shell and out of the shell!), greens, carrots, beets,and other beans. M.K. Orchid farm has some beautiful orchids and Lavender By The Bay has fragrant lavender. Red Jacket has red and yellow cherries, raspberries, rhubarb, currants,and APRICOTS!! Maxwell's Farm has GOOSEBERRIES, blueberries, radicchio, herbs, and fava beans.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gooseberries!! Black Raspberries!! Tri-Star Strawberries!! Heiloom Tomatoes!!

Today is your last day to buy Oak Grove's excellent heirloom tomato plants -- on sale! Anything left over will be planted on Monday (resulting in Ted Blew's tasty crop at the beginning of tomato season). Oak Grove has the first of their larger hot pepper plants. Fantasy Fruit has GOOSEBERRIES and Tri-Stars and Locust Grove has gooseberries, red currants, strawberries, and cherries. Eckerton has BLACK RASPBERRIES as well as great broccoli, salad greens, fava beans, ZUCCHINI BLOSSOMS, and other produce. Cherry Lane has RED RASPBERRIES, heirloom tomatoes (greenhouse), red jacket new potatoes, squashes, and greens. Gorzynsky has beautiful organic lettuces, strawberries, greens, and herbs. Paffenroth has epizote, wild and other arugula, many kinds of radishes and carrots, chiogga and other beets, herbs, UPLAND CRESS, WILD ARUGULA and new onions. S&SO has CALALOO, PURSLANE, and other greens.

Silver Height has many vegetable and fruit plants for backyard gardens. Northshire has garlic scapes, interesting onions, wild watercress, and eggs. Windfall Farm has ZUCCHINI BLOSSOMS, edible flowers, and many unique baby greens. Sycamore has the last of their strawberries, as well as broccoli, greenhouse tomatoes, and peas. Mountain Sweet Berry has SUCRINE LETTUCE, onions, lamborn pea shoots, and CHERVIL, but no strawberries yet.
Keith is here with Rocabole garlic, onions, lovage, kales, other greens, and herbs.

Terhune has raspberries and strawberries. Stokes has lettuces and herbs, squashes, greenhouse tomatoes, and flowering plants. Norwich has beautiful organic beets, greens, herbs, squashes, and other produce.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Smoked Rabbit!! Black Raspberries!! Lemon Basil!! Chervil!!

John Fazio has brought in SMOKED RABBIT, along with rabbit and poultry cuts. Norwich has several kinds of basil, including lemon basil, thai basil, and everyday basil. Stokes has SHALLOTS, onions, squashes, garlic, beautiful lettuces, golden and other beets,greenhouse tomatoes, and greenhouse cherry tomatoes. Amantai, a newcomer to the market, has strawberries, onions, rhubarb, and greens. Muddy River has generous bunches of herbs, including chervil, golden and red beets, two sizes of garlic scape, fennel, and lush lettuces. Samascott has strawberries, cherries, and rhubarb. Ardith has tasty goat cheeses.

This is the lasst weekend for Oak Grove's heiroom tomato plants, which are on sale for $7.50. If they aren't all bought this weekend, they'll be planted on the farm. Tree-licious has sweet and sour cherries and pastry. Madura has their usual excellent MUSHROOM choices. Miglorelli has all sorts of produce, including many kinds of radish, beet, lettuce, and sugar snaps, shell peas, and cherries, and strawberries. Lavender By The Bay has gorgeous fragrant lavender and locust flower honey. Berried Treasures has strawberries and sugar snap peas.

Two Guys From Woodbridge has a lot of good looking basil along with salad greens. Bodhitree has ZUCCHINI BLOSSOMS!!! They also have Tuscan Kale and FRESH CHICKPEAS, as well as their first hot peppers. Phillips has BLACK RASPBERRIES and red raspberries.

I think I saw Dancing Ewe pulling in as I left the market. If they're there, try their ricotta and other cheeses.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Currants!! Queen Ann Cherries!! Sweet Red Cherries!! Summer Squash!! Black Raspberries!!Lovage, Epazote, Purselane!!

Kernan has blueberries, several kinds of squash, and other produce. S&SO hass baby summer squash, garlic scapes, and herbs. Locust Grove has red and Queen Ann cherries, raspberries, strawberries, and RED CURRANTS. Fantasy Fruit has Tri-Star strawberries and GOOSEBERRIES. Eckerton has several HOT PEPPER varieties, mixed bunches of heirloom beets, MULBERRIES, and greens. Paffenroth has wild arugula, arugula, epazote, lovage, lemon balm, several kinds of beet, including chiogga beets, and lambs quarters (wild spinach). Phillips has blueberries. Miglorelli has sugar snaps, shell peas, sweet cherries, and strawberries. Mountain Sweetberry has two new kinds of snow peas, CHERVIL, wild arugula, and young onions. (No Tri-Stars today, unfortunately!) Madura has several kinds of mushroom, greens, and red onions.

Sycamore has strawberries, greenhouse tomatoes, and cucumbers. Cheerful Cherry has heirloom tomatoes, RASPBERRIES, and basil. Bodhitree has greenhouse tomatoes, FAVA BEANS, green onions, Russian and Tuscan kales, cucumbers, and other greens. Windfall has a
wide selection of edible flowers, mescluns, and unusual mini greens.

Blue Moon is here with delicious looking fish. Silver Heights is here with fruit and vegetable plants. Stokes has herb and flower plants and Oak Grove is having a sale on heirloom tomato plants.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cherries!! Raspberries!! Strawberries!! Rhubarb! Blueberries!

The cherry season has begun, but there are still strawberries. Red Jacket has yellow and red cherries as well as rhubarb. Phillips has raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and vegetables, including FAVA BEANS and shelled peas. Lani also has fava beans and strawberries, in addition to young garlic, young onions, delicious crisp cucumbers, salad greens, sugar snaps, and shelling peas. Maxwell has strawberries, sugar snaps, shelling peas, raspberries, GOOSEBERRIES, herbs, beets, and greens. Madura has garlic scapes, herbs, mushrooms, and greens. Troncillito has cherries, garlic, and salad greens. Race has Queen Anne cherries and raspberries.

Consider Bardwell is here with excellent cheeses. Dutchmill Farm (formerly Newfield) has sweet pea flowers,sunflowers, and lilies. PE&DD has cooked lobsters as well as various fishes and other shellfish (clams, scallops, etc.).

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wild Watercress!! Sugar Snaps!! Baby Carrots!! Tri-Star Strawberries!! Raspberries!! Queen Anne Cherries!! BLUEBERRIES!!

Phillips has blueberries!! as well as raspberries and strawberries. Locust Grove has Queen Anne Cherries, Sweet red cherries, RED CURRANTS, and strawberries. It's Sycamore's last week for strawberries and Mountain Sweet Berry's first week for Tri-Star strawberries!! Mountain Sweet Berry also has wild arugula, chives, lambs quarters, lamborn mini pea shoots, and two kinds of snow peas. Eckeron has sugar snaps, gorgeous lettuces, and heirloom beets. D'Attiloco has salad greens and sprouts. Northshire has wild watercress, arugula, quail eggs, and honey. Violet Hill has guinea hens and Belle Rouge chickens. Flying Pig has sausages and other pork products.

Cherry Lane has heirloom greenhouse tomatoes, lovely heads of lettuce, greenhous beefsteak tomatoes, and other delicious produce. Paffenroth has a wide variety of produce, including several kinds of baby carrot, beets, radishes, interesting greens, and potatoes. S&SO has green tomatoes for frying, cut herbs, lettuces, and shallots. Seatuck has clams, fish, and crabs today.

Terhune has the last of their wild asparagus. They also have sweet cherries and strawberries. Norwich has golden beets, crisp Persian cucumbers, and a large assortment of greens. Ryder Farm and Windfall have edible flowers and Oak Grove has pots of nasturtiums, herbs, heirloom pepper plants, and heirloom tomato plants. Their season for tomato plants is coming to a close, so buy them now!! Silver Heights also has vegetable plants and herb plants.

Stokes Farm has herb plants and cut herbs, greenhouse cherry and other tomatoes, young garlic, their first basil, and an Asian herb called shiso(which smells delicious. Don't know what the taste is.)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Chervil!! Baby squashes!! Beans!! Cherries!

Stokes has beautiful herb and hanging plants as well as cut herbs, cherry tomatoes, squashes, lettuces, and strawberries. Van Houten has many flower sets. Oak Grove has nasturtiums in pots, pepper plants, and heirloom tomato plants (the season for their tomato plants will be over soon), as well as excellent pork products and popping corn. John Fazio is here with rabbits and ducks. Muddy River has garlic, greens, and generous bunches of CHERVIL!! Norwich has baby squashes, braising and salad greens, and baby carrots. Samascott has strawberries and the last of their rhubarb. Berried Treasures has arugula, potatoes, green garlic, herbs, and Tri-Star strawberries (but no more wild strawberries, at least for now).

Tree-licious Orchards has CHERRIES. Cheerful Cherry has juices, flowering plants, and succulents. (They will have their tasty cherries in two weeks.) Flying Pig is here with pork products and Madura has several kinds of mushroom. Suru Winery is here from Long Island with various wines and the Lavender people have edible lavender and decorative scented pillows for gifts. Beth's Jam is here with jams, chutneys, pickled vegetables, and boxed items for gifts.

Bodhitree has green and yellow beans, cherry tomatoes, pullet eggs, and many kinds of greens and herbs. *Their strawberry season is over.)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fresh Chickpeas!! Tiny Wild Strawberries!! Fava Beans!! Cherries!!

Locust Grove has cherries, raspberries, and strawberries. Eckerton has shell peas, sugar snaps, and fava beans. Berried Treasures has wild strawberries and Tri-Stars. Terhune has cherries and strawberries. Stokes has strawberries and greenhouse cherry tomatoes. Bodhitree has asparagus (end of the season soon), and FRESH CHICKPEAS! Hoeffner has strawberries, cucumbers, and lettuces. S&SO has lettuces, beets, herbs, and other salad vegetables and shallots. Eckerton has rainbow kale, and their first PEPPERS and baby carrots.

Mountain Sweet Berry has wild arugula, Tri-Stars, tiny potato mix, and young onions. Madura has several varieties of mushroom and garlic scapes. Stokes has garlic, squashes, and herbs. Cherry Lane has heirloom tomatoes, squashes, sugar snaps, shell peas, and lettuces, as well as strawberries (their last week, probably). Sycamore has strawberries, kohlrabi, and hothouse tomatoes.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Queen Anne Cherries!! Raspberries!! Fava Beans!!

Lani has strawberries (ending soon), fava beans, onions, garlic, many small salad greens, garlic scapes, shell peas, asparagus, and sugar snaps. Race has Queen Anne Cherries, raspberries, strawberries, and herb and flowering plants. Phillips has strawberries, raspberries, red cherries, spinach, salad and braising greens, and beets. Red Jacket has rhubarb and Maxwells has strawberries, squashes, garlic, herbs, shell and snap peas, and salad greens. Troncillito Farm has strawberries and tomato plants.

PE&DD has steamed lobsters, fresh fish, and other seafood. Hudson Valley Duck Farm has delicious DUCK RILLETTES and their wonderful DUCK SALAMI has returned!! Central Valley Farm has butter, ricotta, and vegetarian tomato sauce. Consider Bardwell is here with several tasty cheeses and maple syrup. The lavender people have edible lavender as well as other lavender products

If you have plans for strawberries, at least on Mondays, sooner is better than later. The season will be over soon.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garlic scapes!! Broccoli! Raspberries! Strawberries!! (Unfortunately, Mountain Sweet Berriy's excellent tiny strawberries won't be here until July!!)

Eckerton has mixed heirloom beets, mixed radishes, and reputedly the best broccoli today. Cherry Lane and Locust Grove have RASPBERRIES, and Locust has sweet cherries. Norwich has garlic scapes, Japanese white turnips, young onions, young garlic, beautiful braising greens, and radishes. Stokes has asparagus, many cut and potted herbs, and flowering plants. (I was there before they were completely set up, but since they had strawberries and tomatoes yesterday, I'm going to gamble that they have them again today!) Cato has delicious cheeses -- it's hard to pick a favorite, but I bought "Brigid's Abbey" for lunch today.

Terhune has cherries and strawberries. Keith has gorgeous young Rocambole garlic, young onions, salad and braising greens, Rocambole garlic scapes, rhubarb, sorrel, stinging nettles, and lovage. River Garden has brought in some of their beautiful wildflowers and Binder has great potted flowering and herb plants. Quattro's has poultry, smoked poultry, sausages, and pheasant, turkey, duck, and chicken eggs. Violet Hill has Belle Rouge chickens and several egg varieties. Flying Pig is here with various pork cuts and sausages.

Seatuck has a wide range of seafood, including live crabs!! Ronnybrook has a new Greek-style yogurt, ice creams, butters, drinkable yogurt, and cheeses. Milk Thistle is here with various milks. Dutchmill Gardens(Newfield Farm) has beautiful sunflowers, lavender, lilies, and other flowers. Three Corner Field Farm has fresh ricotta and yogurt as well as lamb cuts, soaps, and knitting wool. The Local Rose people have lovely roses and other flowers.

Sycamore has sweet little strawberries, hothouse tomatoes, and sugar snap peas. Mountain Sweet Berry has tiny mixed potatoes, pea shoots, and other salad greens, as well as young onions. Windfall Farm has various sizes of mesclun and other greens along with edible flowers.
Northshire has wild cress, bok choi, and eggs. Gorzynsky has strawberries, eggs, and a wide variety of organic greens, root vegetables, and herbs. Paffenroth has an extensive selection of unusual greens, including puntarella, red dandelion, stinging nettles, purslane, epizote, and many delicious potato varieties. Cherry Lane has heirloom tomatoes, lettuces, asparagus, and other delicious produce. Bulich has several varieties of mushroom, and Tweefontaine is here with pestos, soaps, and other herbal items.

Friday, June 4, 2010

STRAWBERRIES!!! Rhubarb, Garlic scapes, young onions, young garlic, lambs quarters,dandelion greens

Stokes has strawberries, greenhouse tomatoes, and cut herbs (sorrel, thyme, rosemary, chamomile, lavender, etc.), and lettuces. Muddy River has garlic scapes, young purple and white onions, young garlic, fragrant cilantro, and beets. John Fazio has rabbit and ducks. Samascott has strawberries and rhubarb. Norwich is getting in gear with baby carrots, all kinds of baby squashes, many kinds of greens, and young garlic, young onions, and herbs. Berried Treasures has tiny Tri-Star strawberries, cress, arugula, and flowers. Sycamore has a couple of varieties of strawberries, greenhouse tomatoes, and sugar snaps.

Cheerful Cherry has beautiful flowering hanging plants and succulents. Pura Vida Fisheries has good looking fresh fish and Madura has several varieties of mushroom, including shiitake, oyster, and crimini. Miglorelli has rhubarb, broccoli rabe, French breakfast radishes, sugar snap and shelling peas, and Japanese turnips. Bodhitree has salad mix, asparagus, strawberries, Tuscan kale, purslane, mizuna, lambs quarters, sorrel, and collard greens, in addition to herbs, greenhouse tomatoes, and pullet eggs.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Cherries!! Strawberries!! Squash!! Sungold Tomatoes!! Sugaar Snap Peas!! Garlic Scapes!!

Locust Grove has the first of their sweet cherries. Berried Treasures, Mountain Sweet Berry, Sycamore, and others have luscious strawberries. Mountain Sweet Berry has delicious greens, chive flowers, and young onions. Madura has a wide variety of mushrooms and greens and Sycamore has sugar snap peas, greenhouse tomatoes, and an unusual looking variety of bok choi. Oak Grove and Silver Heights have lush heirloom tomato plants. Kernan has four kinds of squash and good looking new red skin potatoes. Hoeffner and Cherry Lane have great looking lettuces and Keith is here with mesclun, salad greens, and young rocambole garlic as well as young onions and herbs. Honey Hollow Farm has stinging nettles, lambs quarter, young garlic, lovage, and ramps. Bodhitree has sungold cherry tomatoes, Tuscan kale and other greens, hothouse tomatoes, and strawberries. S&SO has salad mix, shallots, and garlic scapes as well as a wide variety of other produce. Eckerton and Bodhitree have interesting radishes and Eckerton has kohlrabi, beautiful lettuces and rainbow kale, and English shell peas and sugar snaps. Cherry Lane has shell peas, sugar snaps, asparagus, heirloom tomatoes (greenhouse), broccoli rabe, and strawberries. Berried Treasures has tri-star strawberries, mini potatoes, lupins, herbs, and chamomile. Blue Moon has excellent fresh fish. Windfall Farms and Oak Grove have edible flowers