Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lani is back today!!!

Lani has beautiful baby greens, FRESH peanuts, and many kinds of dried beans. Violet Hill, Flying Pig, Quattro's, Grazin', and Roaming Acres have all kinds of delicious meats and poultry, and Grazin', Quattro's, and others have tasty eggs.
PE&DD has fresh fish and seafood.

Red Jacket is here with flavored apple juices. D'Attolico has sprouts and frozen vegetables and Miglorelli has frozen blueberries and vegetables as well as apples.  Locust Grove has apples, fresh apple cider, and apple sauce, and Breezy Hill has pies, pastries, and cider as well as apples.

Several farmers are optimistic  about the weather changing soon. I'm hoping they are right!!!

To see these and other stands and produce: http://tinyurl.com/pxnf93b

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Frozen summer vegetables, root vegetables, soups, and (surprise) fresh hydroponic tomatoes and greens!

The hardy winter soldiers, um, farmers are here and there are plenty of interesting options, including seafood, meats, poultry, several egg choices, and syrups. While you may not want to saunter through the market, if you want unique root vegetables and tasty pork, poultry, and lamb, you are sure to find excellent choices today. I saw good looking cooked lobsters, fresh fish and shellfish, pork roasts, sausages, smoked poultry, and other choices at PE&DD, Quattro's, Violet Hill, Flying Pig, and Three Corner Field Farm.

Norwich Meadows, Tamarack, and others have brought in gorgeous root vegetables. Windfall, Miglorelli, and D'Attolico have frozen vegetables and Windfall and Two Guys have greens.

Beth's Farm Kitchen and others have preserves and Deep Mountain has many flavored maple syrups including hot pepper!  Breezy Hill and others have baked goods.

To see who's here today: Union Square Greenmarket

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mixed news from Silver Heights Farm

The Days Are Getting Longer

And that can only mean one thing, we are getting ready for Spring. Our soil has been delivered, seeds ordered, and we are finishing up the catalog. 

The seeding for the 2015 planting season begins in mid-February with sweet peas and continues into early August with winter greens.  Soon the greenhouse will be protecting young seedlings for your spring gardens.  Look for new varieties of tomatoes, peppers, greens, flowers and herbs this year.  Kales will be of interest to those looking for something unusual, as we have been able to find some incredibly frilly varieties from breeders in Oregon.  Lots of all-season, ever-bearing strawberry varieties will be offered this year, some that produce runners for the larger garden and others that do not for smaller spaces.

Silver Heights Farm plans on returning to the Union Square Farmers’ Market on Wednesday, April 15, and Saturday, April 18, in the same location as last year.  The Wednesday markets continue through September 9 and the Saturday markets through June 27.  We will not be attending the local markets in Sullivan County this year.  Do come visit at the nursery at 7381 State Rt. 52, Cochecton Center, NY 12748.

My gardening friends, it is with a sad heart that I have decided to retire from this operation at the end of this growing season.  My husband Ted and I plan on moving to the mountains of West Virginia to help out our daughter and her family with their farming endeavor.  I am looking forward to growing for seed production, growing a little for very small farmers’ markets there, helping a bit around their farm, tendinging my own garden and cooking more.  My husband is looking forward to fishing more and consulting less.

The farm homestead is for sale.  The nursery business is separate and it too is available for sale.  I plan on being available to teach a new owner how to do what is done here.  I have believed in the value of protecting the wide diversity of plants available for the gardeners of this world.  I have learned that there are many others with the same leanings.  I hope that someone out there is interested in filling my old gardening boots.

I am excited about the up-coming growing season and am looking forward to seeing my gardening friends, both in the big city and in the big country.