Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
Check here for GrowNY's Greenmarket Maps for Union Square: http://www.grownyc.org/unionsquaregreenmarket

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pheasant and wild turkey eggs at Quattro's! Goose, duck, and turkey eggs at Violet Hill! Green eggs at Windfall! AND S&SO is back!!

Stokes, Van Houten, and others have beautiful potted flowers, and James Durr and Phillips have cut tulips.  Rose Meadow has beautiful roses, anemones, and other flowers, and Durr, River Garden, and Phillips have flowering branches. Oak Grove and Stokes have herbs in pots.
Stokes Pansies
Quattro's has venison, pheasants, chickens, and other poultry, as well as smoked poultry and sausages.  Flying Pig and Violet Hill have pork cuts and Violet Hill and Catskill Merino have lamb and lamb products.  Violet Hill also has rabbit.
Violet Hill's Eggs
Windfall has all kinds of greens, including radish sprouts and various mesclun combinations. (I had some of their radish sprouts in a dish at Union Square Cafe, and they were a perfect garnish for the potato tortelli. Just saying...)
Windfall Radish
Monks Hood has various minigreens and cut organic sage and rosemary.  Lani has tatsoi flowers and other delicious and interesting minigreens.

S&SO is back with root vegetables and gift items and Beth's Farm Kitchen has strawberry, apple, and blueberry syrups for ice cream or waffles (only today -- catch them while you can!).
Quattro's Pheasant Eggs
Mountain Sweet Berry has great potato chips for hors d'oeuvres as well as lovely small potatoes (I'm roasting some of them under my chicken this weekend.).  (Rick says don't expect ramps before the middle of April.)
I Fiori's tulips

Who's Out Today?
from Greenmarket:
Who's OUT today...
3 CORNER FIELD FARM  (Returns to Sat's in May, Wed's in Sept)
Grassfed Sheep's Milk Cheeses, Knitting Wool & Grassfed Lamb.

Goat Milk Cheeses & Meat. 

100% Grassfed Bison & Beef.

Sparkling Ciders and Wines.

Wild and Cultivated Produce & Berries. Eggs.

Cert/Organic. Vegetables & Herbs.

Fresh Shellfish & Saltwater Fish.

Local Beer.

To see which stands are here today:
Union Square Greenmarket Saturday, March 30

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring is here! Gandhi's trees are about to sprout leaves and baby spinach is appearing in the market!

Bodhitree has interesting rose shaped chicory, Mountain Sweet Berry is predicting ramps in about two weeks, Queens County has their great salad mix and spinach, and Dutchmill has wonderful tulips.


Lucky Dog
 River Garden has flowering branches and Flying Pig has their delicious pork products (including leaf lard pastry ready to roll out).
Muddy River has fresh cut thyme
and Van Houten has lovely pansy flats and other Spring flowers.

Check this out to see who else is here and what they've brought!:
Friday, March 29 Greenmarket

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weather has kept some stands home, including Dutchmill. Las Delicias is out for the holiday.

Many Monday regulars are here:
Roaming Acres -- bison, pork, ostrich
Lani -- chickweed and other unusual greens, Japanese sweet potatoes, herbs.
Central Valley -- Butter, cheeses, vegetable soup.
Hudson Valley Duck Farm -- Ducks and duck products
Hudson Valley Duck Farm
Phillips -- vegetables and potted flowers, flowering branches
Race -- apples, pastries, cider vinegar, honey
Madura -- Mushrooms, vegetables, potted flowers
Healthway -- potatoes and apples
Red Jacket -- juices, ciders, apples, jams

To see these and other stands:  Monday Union Square Greenmarket

Monday, 03.25.2013

Who's OUT today...
Raw Honey Varieties, NYC Rooftop Honey & Bee Products.

Brick Oven Baked Breads & Foccacia.

Cut Flowers.

Baked Goods.

Shellfish & Fresh/Smoked Saltwater Fish.

Dried Flower designs.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

STOKES is back with cut and potted herbs and flowers!

Van Houten is also back with flats of pansies and other Spring flowers! Hudson Valley Duck Farm is having a special on rillettes and Violet Hill has their beautiful bacon, rabbits, pork and lamb cuts, and boxes of mixed poultry eggs (TurDuckEn).
Seatuck is back with fresh fish and shellfish!
Van Houten

Lani is here with unusual greens and fresh cut herbs and Hudson Valley Organic and Monks Hood have minigreens.
Hudson Valley Organic
Windfall has all sorts of greens, including mesclun, as well as root vegetables.
Windfall's Greens

 Paffenroth has all kinds of potatoes and other root vegetables.
Paffenroth's Fresh Horseradish!!
  Mountain Sweet Berry has lovely little potato varieties and potato chips (ask if they still have some of their pickled "crosnichons").
Quattro's Capons
 Quattro's has gorgeous capons as well as a new flock of chickens and other poultry, smoked poultry, and eggs. Flying Pig has pork cuts, chickens, and pork products (sausages, bacon, etc.).
Mountain Sweet Berry Potato Mix
To see these and other stands and products:  Saturday Union Square Greenmarket

Friday, March 22, 2013

Try Mountain Sweet Berry's "Crosnichons" made from their unique crosnes!

Mountain Sweet Berry Crosnichons
 Queens County Farm has their excellent salad greens, salad mix, and spinach! Bobolink has tasty homemade matzoh!

Bobolink Matzoh
 Rogowski has baby spinach and baby carrots. Boditree has lovely greens, herbs, and Japanese sweet potatoes.  Pura Vida has gorgeous fresh fish and shellfish and Flying Pig has tasty sausages, pork cuts, and bacons.
Rogowski's GREEN GARLIC!
Dutchmill has beautiful and unusual tulips and River Garden has flowering branches and willow.
Deep Mountain New Crop Maple Syrup!!!
 Las Delicias has many kinds of baked goods, including tarts both sweet and savory, muffins, cookies, and scones.  Treelicious has vegan pies!

Two Guys and Madura have mushrooms and other produce and Hot Bread Kitchen is here with many regional baked items.
Flying Pig sausages
To see these and other stands here today:
Friday Greenmarket at Union Square

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring and Dutchmill's Tulips are Here!!!

It's a beautiful day, if cold, and Dutchmill and Rose Meadow are here with beautiful flowers to celebrate the arrival of Spring!
Rose Meadow's Sterling Silver Roses

For some reason Dutchmill's stand is located far away from the rest of the market in their usual summer spot, but they have gorgeous flowers and it is well worth the walk to the West side of the park around 15th Street.
Roxbury Maple Products

Hot Bread Kitchen Challahs

Tamarack Meats
Blue Moon Scallops

Click here to see who else is here and what they've brought:

Wednesday at Union Square

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lani has interesting new greens! Try Hudson Valley Duck Farm's rillettes!

Monday Greenmarket Map from Grow New York

River Garden Flowering Branches
Roaming Acres has bison, pork, and ostrich meat. Buon Pane has tasty looking breads and Las Delicias is here with wonderful pastries both savory and sweet. (They will be off from March 25 to April 2 for the holidays and back after that.)

Las Delicias
 Consider Bardwell has lovely cheeses and meats and PE&DD has steamers and other shellfish as well as very fresh scallops and other fish and fish salads. Lani has many greens, herbs, and interesting salad blossoms.

Healthway has excellent potatoes and carrots and Madura has various mushrooms and other produce.  Race has cider vinegar and honey in addition to their baked goods.
Consider Bardwell's meats

To see these and other stands and products:  Monday at Union Square Greenmarket

Dutchmill Tulips

Saturday, March 16, 2013

James Durr is back with tulips and flowering branches!

Last day until May 4 for Three Corner Field Farm's delicious cheeses, yogurts, and lamb cuts!!!! It's lambing season!

For GrowNY's March Saturday map for Union Square:
Saturday in Union Square Greenmarket

Lani has big gorgeous lettuces, other greens, sweet potatoes, and herbs. Hoeffner is here with cabbages and potatoes for the holiday.  Violet Hill has lamb, pork, and chicken cuts as well as many kinds of eggs. (I just had an absolutely delicious duck egg omelette made with Ronnybrook sweet butter and a little truffle butter from Dartagnan.) Flying Pig has pork cuts, sausages, and a few chickens.  Quattro's has pheasants, ducks, chickens, and poultry parts, in addition to various smoked poultry and sausages.
James Durr's Tulips
Monks Hood, Two Guys, D'Attolico, and Windfall have tasty greens and mini greens, and Shushan has hydroponic tomatoes and herbs.

It's cold and damp, but most stands are here and well supplied, particularly if you can't get enough of potatoes (Paffenroth and Mountain Sweet Berry) or carrots (Norwich Meadows and Paffenroth) or root vegetables in general (all of the above and Miglorelli).  There are plenty of apples (Locust Grove, Terhune, Miglorelli, Caradonna) if you're planning apple sauce. Beth's Farm Kitchen has lovely gifts and Cayuga has tasty beans and pastas.
Goodbye Until May 4 to Three Corner Field Farm!
To see these and other stands and products:
Saturday Greenmarket Union Square

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lani's back on Mondays! Dutchmill has parrot tulips!

Lani's lettuce

River Garden has several types of flowering branches.  Dutchmill has beautiful red parrot tulips and other unique colors and types.

 Roaming Acres has all sorts of meats and meat products, including bison and ostrich.  PE&DD has beautiful fish and shellfish today and Buon Pane has interesting breads.
Roaming Acres Meats

Lani has lovely salad and other greens, sweet potatoes, and eggs.  Phillips has rosemary and other herb plants and cut rosemary, in addition to many kinds of preserves and root vegetables.
Central Valley cheeses

Check out Buon Pane's breads!
Race has honey, pastries, and a sale on winter apples.  Andrew's bear is back with all kinds of delicious honey and honey products. Las Delicias has great pastries, including tarts, caneles, muffins, savory tarts, ruggalah, and challahs.

Las Delicias pastries

To see these and other stands:  Monday at Union Square