Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
Check here for GrowNY's Greenmarket Maps for Union Square: http://www.grownyc.org/unionsquaregreenmarket

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Keith's Back!

Keith is back!! He's got various spring onions, lovage, and green garlic. Eckerton has sugar snap peas and beautiful lettuces and had some shell peas but ran out by 8 A.M.! Mountain Sweet Berry has gorgeous fragrant green garlic, large Sucrine lettuces, wild arugula, and chives. Terhune has wild asparagus and various flowers, including colorful lupins.

Durr has what may be the last of their peonies this week. Duva has the last of his gorgeous bearded irises and has brought in lupins, as has Terhune.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Sugar Snaps, Stinging Nettles, Asparagus

Miglorelli has big baskets of good-looking sugar snap peas. Yuno has delicious asparagus, young onions, salad greens, and strawberries. Stokes has tasty greenhouse tomatoes, lettuce, and a wide variety of cut herbs. Berried Treasures has wild watercress, stinging nettles, potatoes, and lilacs. Oak Grove has beautiful mesclun sets and windowsill herb gardens, as well as potted herbs, and pork products.

Newfield Farm has beautiful peonies, bachelor buttons, and sweet william, as well as herb plants, and says that Monday will be the last for her peonies.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sugar Snaps!!!

SUGAR SNAP PEAS!! Cherry Lane has them, as well as their excellent asparagus, spinach, and their first strawberries. Kernan also has sugar snaps and Berried Treasures has fiddleheads and ramps. Mountain Sweet Berry has Sucrine lettuce and Andrew's honey has their delicious blueberry and other honeys. Tamarack has tasty pork products.

This is the last week for Duva's exquisite bearded irises and the first for Flora Perfecta's beautiful begonias.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BULLETIN:Keith's Coming Back!!!! Rocambole Garlic!!!

Keith's Farm will be back on Saturday, May 31 and Wednesday, June 4, on the south end of Union Square across from Whole Foods up the steps on the second level.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Stevia! Lovage! Peonies and Cornflowers! Wheatgrass!

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's a small but elegant market today, with many farmers having strawberries, Red Jacket having rhubarb (bake a strawberry rhubarb pie, make a strawberry rhubarb compote to put over ice cream), and Maxwell and Yuno having beautiful herbs and greens. Yuno has wonderful asparagus and young red and white onions. Maxwell has asparagus and strawberries. Phillips has flowers, strawberries, and potted flowering plants. Scarborough has lush potted herb plants, including some unusual mints and stevia.

Newfield Farm has her lovely peonies and cornflowers and says next week will be the last for peonies (Friday and possibly Monday).

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2008 10:01 AM
Subject: Union Square Park North End Construction Update - May 26, 2008

May 27, 2008

Project Website Goes Live

The Union Square Partnership, in conjunction with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, has created a project website for the North End Project. The website provides a more detailed look at the exciting new plans for the park, which include tripling the size of the current play space, rehabilitating the historic Pavilion, and redesigning the north plaza to support Greenmarket farmers and greater use of parkland. The primary purpose of the website is to inform the public about project plans and construction progress, as well as to provide contact information and answers to frequently asked questions. Visit the new site at unionsquarenyc.org/northend.

This Week's Construction Update

Construction continues apace at the site. Last week, the Parks Department excavated the former east playground, making way the expansion the existing play space, and the new restroom facilities.

The Parks Department's foresters were able to transplant the majority of trees from both playground areas to nearby parks. One Black Pine tree was transplanted to Union Square Park's southern end near the southeast subway entrance. A Crabapple tree and one Hawthorne tree were transplanted to Tompkins Square Park, while three Hawthorne trees and several flowering shrubs were able to be transplanted to Stuyvesant Square Park. Although five elm trees were too large to transplant, project plans include the planting of over 50 new trees, which will ensure that the North End remains lush and diverse with flora.

Current site work along the northern perimeter of the park includes forming and pouring the concrete wall to insulate trees along 17th Street from the underground steam pipe, as well as installation of a drain beneath the line of planned Japanese Pagoda trees. New fire hydrant connections are also being constructed at the northern edge of the site.

Don’t forget the Union Square Greenmarket is fully operational and accommodated on site throughout construction so stop during their regularly scheduled hours of operation Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM to pick up some of this season’s bounty.
Stay tuned for next week's update!


(Above) Black Pine Tree transplanted from the park's playground area to its southern end near the southeast subway entrance. (Below) Construction of the wood framing for the concrete tree insulation wall along 17th Street.


To report a problem in the park, call 311.
To report a construction or any other kind of emergency, call 911.
To download a PDF copy of the North End Project brochure, click here.

Union Square Partnership
4 Irving Place Room 1148-S
New York, NY 10003 - US

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wild Arugula, French Sorrel! Chef's Tours!

Cherry Lane's knockout strawberries are going fast! There are several other stands with strawberries, including James Durr, the stand with the incredible peonies in many varieties. Eckerton has beautiful lettuces, lovage, and radishes and Paffenroth has an extensive array of radishes, herbs, potatoes, and other delicious vegetables. Try Mountain Sweet Berry's spicy wild arugula and crisp Sucrine lettuce. Northshire has FRENCH SORREL!

Chef Tours & Tastes

"Join us for a Market-to-Table Tour and lunch or dinner with some of New York's finest chefs."

Discover how Greenmarket ingredients influence these chefs' menus, what they love most about the farmers markets, and, back at the restaurant, feast on a unique meal featuring Greenmarket's bounty.

Chef/Owner Peter Hoffman of Savoy Wednesday, June 25 - Union Square Market tour 10am, Lunch 12pm at Savoy

Chef/Owner Colin Alevras of The Tasting Room Wednesday, July 16 - Union Square Market tour 4pm, Dinner 6pm at The Tasting Room

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli of Butter Wednesday, August 20 - Union Square Market tour 10:30am, Lunch 12:30 at Butter

Chef/Owner Saul Bolton of Saul Saturday, September 13 - Grand Army Plaza Market tour 10:30am, Lunch 1pm at Saul

Chef/Owner Bill Telepan of Telepan Saturday, September 20 - Union Square Market tour 10:30am, Lunch 1pm at Telepan

Chef Galen Zamarra of Mas (farmhouse) Saturday, October 8 - Union Square Market tour 10am, Lunch 12:30pm at Astor Center

Chef Marcellus Coleman & Owner John Tucker of Rose Water Saturday, Oct 18 - Grand Army Plaza Market tour 12:30pm, Lunch 2:30pm at Rose Water

Space is limited

Tickets $125 (exclusive of beverages and gratuity) A portion of the ticket price is tax deductible.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Wild Watercress, Strawberries, Rhubarb

Yuno has plenty of luscious strawberries, pea sprouts, salad greens, asaragus, and other tasty produce. Madura has several kinds of mushroom and Van Houton and others have lush potted plants. Berried Treasures has delicious spicey wild watercress, fiddleheads, and La Ratte potatoes. The farmer at the corner of Park and 14th has leeks, young garlic, and other good looking produce. Oak Grove has herb plants, nasturtiums, and a wide variety of tomato plants. Samascott has rhubarb!

Newfield Farm has several varieties of beautiful peony flowers. The rose people also have lovely flowers. Berried Treasures has some pretty lilacs.

Beth's Jam, Our Daily Bread, milk, and honey are all here today!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Morels!! Wild Garlic! Fiddleheads! Ramps!

Mountain Sweet Berry has lovage, chives, small potatoes, and Sucrine lettuce. Honey Hollow Farm has beautiful MORELS and wild garlic.

Windfall Farm has arugula flowers, their first CATNIP, and many tasty greens, including their delicious green aracuna chicken eggs. Cherry Lane has the first of their strawberries! Berried Treasures has fiddlehead ferns and ramps as well as other goodies.

Andrews Honey stand is here with several varieties and treatments of honey, including big pieces of honeycomb. Our Daily Bread has some new types of scone as well as a wide selection of breads.

Flora Perfecta has stunning lilies and Duva has gorgeous irises in many colors.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Young Garlic, Asparagus, Strawberries!

I almost forgot to go to the Greenmarket this morning! It's a good thing I remembered, or I would have missed Yuno's table full of beautiful STRAWBERRIES, as well as her young garlic, young onions, salad greens, and asparagus! I wouldn't have seen Newfield Farm's Sweet William, irises, peonies, and herb plants, and Tello's eggs! The market is small, but there are several farmers with asparagus, rhubarb, and greens, as well as greenhouse stands with herb plants and flowering potted plants.

Check out the bottom of the blog for info about construction in Union Square Park.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eckerton's Back! Can beautiful tomatoes be far behind???

ECKERTON is back with gorgeous salad greens and radishes!! S&SO has their very reasonable tasty salad mix and other great produce. Duva has gorgeous irises and Durr has wonderful peonies in a variety of colors, including a new salmon colored flower (already sold out!). Stokes has beautiful cut herbs and plants. Quattro's has heritage chickens, young chickens, ducks, and other poultry. They're in a different space, on Park Ave near Ronnybrook and Stokes. Mountain Sweet Berry has lovage and a wonderful French style lettuce as well as ramps (no fiddleheads today, though). Beth's Jam has pickled ramps -- buy some and have Springtime in February!

Its a gorgeous day in the Greenmarket!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Strawberries! Rhubarb!

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's another damp and windy day, but not as bad as it was on Monday. Newfield Farm has gorgeous irises, peonies, and cornflowers that brighten things up and the rose people have lovely flowers as well. Cheerful Cherry has beautiful lilacs in addition to their healthy and vibrant flowering plants and succulents.

Yuno is here with beautiful asparagus, salad greens, herbs, young onions and STRAWBERRIES (although those may be gone already). Flying Pig is here with delicious bacon, sausages, eggs, pork roasts, and other goodies. Tello is here with eggs, Our Daily Bread is here with great bread (but no scones today), and DiPaolo has various turkey items. Ted Flew (Oak Grove) has excellent herb plants and Samascott has RHUBARB!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beautiful Irises!! Morels!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Got to the market late, but not too late to score some MORELS from Honey Hollow Farm, wild watercress and fiddleheads from Berried Treasures, ramps and fiddleheads from Mountain Sweet Berry (who will have LOVAGE on Saturday), spinach and asparagus from Cherry Lane, and beautiful irises from Duva and Flora Perfecta. Honey Hollow will have morels again next Wednesday! Madura has some good looking mushrooms today.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Nasty Weather

WINDY!!! RAINY!!! Unless you have a desperate need for a potted plant or asparagus from Phillips, or cider from Red Jacket, or eggs from Tello, or bread from Bread Alone, there's little or no reason to head over to Union Square today, and every reason to stay indoors. Of course, I was there at 8:30 and some farmers might come in later, but the weather is really ugly.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Peonies and Bearded Irises!!

Saturday, May 10

Duva has sensational irises. James Durr has irises, PEONIES, LILIES OF THE VALLEY, interesting tulips, and other flowers in addition to asparagus.

Cherry Lane has asparagus, spinach, and potatoes. Mountain Sweet Berry has FIDDLEHEADS, RAMPS, and little potatoes. Gorzynski has miners lettuce, pea shoots, and gorgeous salad greens and cut herbs. Stokes has cut herbs, herbs in pots, and other potted plants. D'Attolico has salad and other greens and Oak Grove (Ted Blew) has mesclun and other sets and cut mesclun. Binder has beautiful herb and other potted plants

Hothouse strawberries and raspberries can be found near the West 15th Street end of the market.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Rain, Wind, Stinging Nettles, Lilacs!

It's pretty unpleasant out, but you will be rewarded with Berried Treasures' stinging nettles, fiddleheads, and green garlic, Yuno's beautiful greens and asparagus, Our Daily Bread's delicious loaves, and Cheerful Cherries' lovely lilacs!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


this is an email I received yesterday: Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2008 7:02 PM Subject: Free trees at select Greenmarkets! 1,250 Free Trees Available to NYC Homeowners and Families in May! Through the generous sponsorship of BNP Paribas - presenting sponsor of MillionTreesNYC Month - 1,250 FREE trees will be available for adoption throughout the City's five boroughs this May. Trees will be distributed by New York Restoration Project (NYRP) at four Council on the Environment of New York City (CENYC)
Greenmarkets and the Riverdale, Bronx YM-YWHA's Environmental Fair - with 250 trees being given away to homeowners and families at each tree-distribution site.

Note - individuals and families are limited to adopting one tree per household and required to register their new tree at www.milliontreesnyc.org. NYRP horticulture specialists will be on hand to provide instruction on proper tree-planting and maintenance techniques. For CENYC Greenmarket and Environmental Fair participants who do not have their own yard to plant a tree, information on volunteering, educational programming and contributing to MillionTreesNYC will also be available.

Adopt your FREE tree in May at the following locations, and be one in a million!
Saturday, May 10 - 8 am to 2 pm NOTE - NEW DATE Borough Hall CENYC Greenmarket - Staten Island St. Mark's and Hyatt
Saturday, May 10 - 8 am to 2 pm Grand Army Plaza CENYC Greenmarket - Brooklyn Prospect Park NW Entrance
Saturday, May 17 - 8 am to 2 pm NOTE - NEW DATE Inwood CENYC Greenmarket - Upper Manhattan Isham St - Seaman & Cooper
Saturday, May 17 - 8 am to 2 pm Sunnyside CENYC Greenmarket - Queens Skillman between 42nd and 43rd Streets
Sunday, May 18 - 8 am to 2 pm Riverdale YM-YWHA Environmental Fair - Bronx 5625 Arlington Avenue at 256th Street

Limited quantities of the following species of trees will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis: Red Bud, Dogwood, Cherry, Crabapple, Service Berry, Linden, Sweetgum and Oak.

About MillionTreesNYC Led by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and New York Restoration Project (NYRP), MillionTreesNYC is a citywide, public-private initiative with an ambitious goal: to plant and care for one million new trees across the City's five boroughs by 2017.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FIDDLEHEADS! Mountain Sweet Berry and Berried Treasures both have them! They also have RAMPS, as does Max Creek. Cherry Lane has their excellent asparagus and spinach. They're keeping their zucchini blossoms in the truck so they won't wilt, but ask about them! Berried Treasures has NETTLES.

Flora Perfecta has beautiful tulips and Duva has Dutch irises in several colors. I bought the last of his bearded irises, but he says he'll have alot more on Saturday.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Monday, May 5, 2008

Yuno has STRAWBERRIES, and will have alot more on Friday. They also have great asparagus, salad greens, and cut herbs. I got the last of their basil, but they have plenty of chives and other herbs.

Newfield Farm has beautiful tulips and iris. River Garden has lilacs and Tello has fresh eggs.

By the way, New York Magazine has discovered green garlic, but gives no further guidance than look in the Greenmarket. FYI, D'Attolico on Saturday, Mountain Sweet Berry on Wednesday and Saturday, Yuno on Monday and Friday, and Gorzynski on Saturday, will probably be able to fill your needs.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gray Day But a Beautiful Market

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gorzynski is out of miners lettuce at 9AM! They do have their beautiful salad greens and pea shoots. Mountain Sweet Berry has LOVAGE, RAMPS, and chives. D'Attolico has NETTLES, young garlic, greens, and sprouts. Cherry Lane has spinach, asparagus and zucchini. Northshire has some interesting greens.

Duva has beautiful and unusual parrot tulips and Durr has LILIES OF THE VALLEY and other seasonal flowers. Many stands, including Terhune and Locust Grove, have various flowering branches, including lots of LILACS.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pictures of the Greenmarket

To see some pictures of Greenmarket farmers and produce, check out my newspage: