Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spring in a Jar! Savoy Cabbage!

Deep Mountain Maple Syrup has their full assortment of grades of syrup, sizes of containers, flavored syrups (blackberry, ginger, raspberry, hot pepper), and decorated tins of maple candy for gifts. They will be here next Wednesday and Saturday and then will be gone until the middle of January. Beth's Jam has beautifully wrapped jams, chutneys, and pickled vegetables for gifts as well. (They have Spring in a jar, with pickled ramps and fiddlehead ferns!)

Mountain Sweet Berry is still bringing in their delicious tiny potatoes and crosnes. They have beautiful decorated wreaths and garland as well. Gorzynsky has good looking root vegetables and Paffenroth has their amazingly wide variety of potatoes, onions and their relatives, carrots in many colors, and other produce. Northshire has gorgeous Savoy cabbages. S&SO has mostly root vegetables and Oak Grove has squashes and delicious pies.

Quattro's is here with poultry, soups, and sausages and is taking orders for holiday birds (you'll need to pick them up in the market on the Saturday before Christmas and New Years). Violet Hill has fresh pork, smoked pork (bacon, etc.) sausages, and poultry. Flying Pig also has pork roasts, sausages, pork chops, and poultry.

Cato's has delicious cow's milk cheeses. (I'm not sure I saw Three Corner Field Farm's stand today, but look for their sheep's milk yogurt and cheeses and their lamb and lamb sausage.) Ronnybrook is here with tasty butters, milks, creams, and a new "Camembert".

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