Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

RAMPS!! ASPARAGUS!! Mountain Sweet Berry, Lani, Violet Hill, Northshire have ramps and Paffenroth, Lani, Hoeffner, and Cherry Lane have asparagus! Greenmarket Staff saw fiddleheads, too. (I didn't see them. Oy)

Stokes Lettuce
Many like D'Attolico, Norwich, Paffenroth, and Lani have all kinds of onion family items -- young shallots, scallions, and garlic. Windfall, Lani, and others have edible flowers and other beautiful greens and mini-greens.
Oak Grove Windowsill Herb Gardens
Hoeffner's Asparagus

James Durr Lilacs

To see these and other stands:  Saturday Greenmarket Union Square

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bulletin! Bodhitree and Queens County Farm Museum have ASPARAGUS (not alot!)

Rogowski has wild garlic, nettles, other greens, and baby carrots.  Lucky Dog has RAMPS and other Spring greens. Bodhitree also has beautiful edible flowers, lovely salad and other greens, and eggs.  Stokes also has gorgeous salad greens, kale, and cut herbs. Muddy River has new season leeks and other produce and Madura has several mushroom varieties. 

To see these and other stands and produce:
Union Square Friday Market

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rampfest at Mountain Sweet Berry, baby carrots at Rogowski, Bordeaux spinach at Bodhitree!! Heirloom tomato plants at Oak Grove!!

Oak Grove windowsill herb gardens
 Things are getting greener, although the weather has slowed things down.  Tamarack's greens season has begun, finally, and Rogowski has many more options than it did last week. Bodhitree has stunning (yes, I said stunning) Tuscan kale and many other beautiful greens and edible flowers, including spignarella (know how to use it?, I don't, but it looked tasty).
 Miglorelli has lots of arugula and broccoli raab,  and Madura has salad and other greens as well as mushrooms.  Bulich is here with several kinds of mushroom and $5 grab-and-go bags of some varieties.
Locust Grove, Terhune, and others have blossoming branches, and River Garden has some pretty fresh flowers in addition to their quince branches and dried flower arrangements. Rose Meadow has roses, anemones, and snapdragons and Dutchmill has some new varieties of their lovely tulips.
Bodhitree's Edible Flowers
Wednesday Greenmarket at Union Square

Saturday, April 20, 2013

RAMPS at Mountain Sweet Berry and Lani! Young garlic, shallots, etc. at several stands. Eckerton has beautiful baby carrots and beets!

Check out Silver Heights for a wide variety of vegetable plants and Stokes, Oak Grove, Silver Heights, Hoeffner, and Binder for beautiful herb plants. Oak Grove has many types of heirloom tomato plants and small potted herb gardens for windowsill gardeners.
James Durr flowering branches
Quattro's has largish chickens this week (I got the last smallish one) as well as other tasty poultry (ducks, pheasants, etc.), soup meat, turkey and pheasant eggs, smoked poultry, and other goodies.
Flying Pig has pork cuts and sausages, Roaming Acres has ostrich meat, Tonjes has veal, and Grazin' has beef and other meats.
Breezy Hill has hard and soft ciders, apples, pastries, and other fruit items. If you want to help them rebuild their cider mill, stop by and ask them how.

To see these and other stands:Saturday Union Square Greenmarket

Friday, April 19, 2013

Lucky Dog has RAMPS! Rogowski has STINGING NETTLES , baby CARROTS, and EDIBLE FLOWERS! Bodhitree has RAAB flowers!

Dancing Ewe
Muddy River Garlic
Consider Bardwell has Grade B maple syrup, meat on sale, and delicious  cheeses.

To see these and other stands:  Friday, Union Square Greenmarket

Oak Grove Heirloom Tomato Plants


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Silver Heights is back with beautiful potted vegetable and other plants for home gardeners!! Mountain Sweet Berry has a great supply of RAMPS!

Cherry Lane has lovely rainbow chard, brussels sprouts, spinach, and salad greens, and is hoping for asparagus in a couple of weeks. Rogowski has beautiful baby carrots, stinging nettles, and other greens.  Bodhitree has Bordeaux spinach and other unique greens and salads.

Bulich has several of their excellent mushroom varieties in "grab and go" bags as well as pick-your-own options.  Madura has several greens as well as various good-looking mushrooms and potted plants.

River Garden has fresh flowers and flowering branches and Dutchmill is here with double daffodils and other unique Spring tulips.  Duva also has tulips and there are beautiful orchid plants in the market as well.

To see these and other stands:  Wednesday Greenmarket Union Square

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lani has ramps! Race says they will have ramps next Monday.

Lani has beautiful edible flowers.
Race, Healthway, and others have potted herb plants.
Phillips sungold cherry tomatoes
  Madura has mushrooms and greens and Race and Phillips have potted flowering plants. Hudson Valley Duck Farm is here with delicious rillettes, ducks, and other duck products and Roaming Acres has pork, ostrich, and bison.
Lani's edible flowers

To see these and other stands and products here today:
Monday Greenmarket Union Square

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cherry Lane is back [and says ASPARAGUS in two weeks!!]! RAMP madness at Lani and Mountain Sweet Berry! Poussin at Violet Hill! Eels at Seatuck!

Those ramps are going fast! I saw foragers from Blue Hill and Gramercy Tavern stocking up and I'm sure there were more shopping for restaurants coming and going.
Eckerton has gorgeous French breakfast radishes and baby carrots and Gorzynski, D'Attolico and others have all sorts of Spring greens.
Eckerton's carrots (unfortunately gone when I went back at 11 AM!)

D'Attolico has started their regular schedule and will be here weekly.

Violet Hill has turkey, duck, and chicken eggs as well as their beautiful little poussins.
Violet Hill's Poussins(unfortunately, gone by 11AM!)
Grazin' has a new product -- butter!  Cherry Lane has spinach, brussels sprouts, and other produce, and Monks Hood has various mini greens and baby carrots. Check Oak Grove for heirloom tomato plants! Check them and Binder, Stokes, and others for herb plants.

Seatuck has eels, flounders, crabs, clams, and other fresh fish and shellfish.
Flying Pig has bacons and other pork products and Violet Hill, Northshire, and Quattro's have various kinds of egg.  Quattro's also has chickens and other poultry, sausages, and smoked poultry. PE&DD has fresh fish, shellfish, and fish salads.
James Durr
To see these and other stands and produce:
Union Square Greenmarket Saturday April 13

Friday, April 12, 2013


But they will have them next time they're here. (Those restaurants get there early!)
All that was left of Lucky Dog's ramps!
Rogowski had baby carrots, but I saw a restaurant forager buying a lot of them a few minutes ago!

Despite the cold, damp, and rain, most of the usual Friday stands are here today, including Las Delicias with pastries and Francesca with breads, savories and other baked goods.  Samascott, Miglorelli, Muddy River, Madura, Queens County Farm Museum, Two Guys, and Bodhitree are all here with various greens.  Finnish Ruis has their breads and Our Daily Bread and Hot Bread Kitchen are here as well.

Dutchmill has beautiful tulips, including some new varieties.
To see pictures of these and other stands here today:
Greenmarket Stands HERE today

From Greenmarket:List of who is NOT HERE today
Friday, 04/12//203

Who's OUT today...
Vegetables, Berries & Herbs.

Pickled Goods, Jams & Chutneys.

Potted Plants, Vegetable starters & Herbs.

Raw/Aged Tuscan-style Cow & Sheep's Milk Cheeses.  Merguez.

Wheatgrass Plants & Juice. Micro green Shoots.

Grassfed Cow's Milk Yogurt & Granola.

Dried Lavender Sachets & Culinary.


Dried Flower Arrangements.

Baked Goods & Eggs.

Potted Plants & Herbs.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gandhi has his magnolias and daffodils! And Oak Grove has HEIRLOOM TOMATO PLANTS!!!

Spring has sprung and the first thing I saw this morning was Dutchmill's beautiful tulips!

Lavender by the Bay has lavender plants and lavender products.  Stokes, Van Houten, and Binder have beautiful potted flowering plants and Stokes, Binder, and Oak Grove have lovely herb plants.
Oak Grove Heirloom Tomato Plants
Bodhitree, Two Guys, and Shushan have salad greens and Windfall has cut mesclun and all sorts of edible flowers and sprouts.  Hoeffner has salad plants.

To see these and other stands:  Union Square Greenmarket

Monday, April 8, 2013

Magnolias budding! Flowering branches flowering! Tulips and Daffodils! Edible flowers! SPRING!

Lani has many types of edible flowers, along with young garlic, shallots, and leeks.
Lani's beautiful young sorrel
Race and Phillips have potted flowering plants and herbs. Lavender By the Bay has lavender and lavender gifts.
 Dutchmill has beautiful tulips. Butterfield has goat cheeses with herbs and Las Delicias has lavender cookies.  The sun is not only out, but warm, and the Greenmarket is humming. In fact, Andrew's New York based honeys are here -- try "Brooklyn" or "Union Square"!

To see these and other stands: Monday Union Square Greenmarket

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lani's in a new spot near 16th St.! Gorzynski is back! Eckerton is back! Seatuck and Binder are back!!!

Eckerton has mache, baby Tuscan kale, French breakfast radishes, and other greens.
Gorzynski has root vegetables and mache.  Lani has various edible flowers (tatsoi and others).  Windfall has many delicious minigreens as well as rutabagas and other root vegetables and their aracuna eggs.
Violet Hill has petit poussins, duck,goose,turkey, eggs, and several chicken varieties, along with pork, lamb, and chickens.  Quattro's has pheasant eggs, wild turkey eggs, duck eggs, and lovely little half chickens as well as chickens, ducks, and other poultry, and venison. Seatuck is here with fish and shellfish. PE&DD have fish, shellfish, and seafood salads.
Seatuck's giant clams
James Durr has magnolia and other flowering branches and tulips.  Fiori di Fenice has peony tulips and other unique tulips and lilies.
 Cato Corner has several remarkable cheeses, including my favorite of this year, Dairyaire.
Cato Corner cheeses
 To see these and other stands:
Union Square Greenmarket April 6

Friday, April 5, 2013

Green garlic! Tatsoi! New Bakery! Dancing Ewe is back! Magnolias are budding! SPRING!!

Muddy River and Norwich Meadows have different varieties of young garlic.
Magnolias are blossoming!
There's a new bakery, Francesca's, with a wide selection of breads and pastries, in the spot previously held by Hot Bread Kitchen (who've moved to a new location near 16th Street).
Francesca's Bakery
Dancing Ewe has their delicious cheese and sausages.

  Las Delicias is back after a break with tasty tarts, muffins, lavender cookies, madeleines, and other baked goods.
Pura Vida shellfish
Stokes has cut thyme and rosemary in addition to beautiful flowering plants and herb plants.
Queens County Farm Museum baby carrots
Bobolink cheese
Check this for who's here and what they've brought:
Union Square Greenmarket Friday, April 5

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tulips! Flowering Branches! Baby Spinach! Pea Shoots! SPRING!!!

Dutchmill has lovely tulips and DAFFODILS! Locust Grove has flowering fruit tree branches and many have pussy willows.  Tamarack, Rogowski, Madura, and Bodhitree have spinach, and several stands have salad greens and other greens, including Two Guys, Shushan, and Bodhitree.

I had some of Beth's Farm Kitchen ketchup on my burger this week -- very tasty! I might try their hot sauce on a Tamarack sausage today.

Roaming Acres has bison, beef, pork, and ostrich! (They'll have all of those Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Just ostrich on Saturdays.)
Tamarack's Peashoots

Stokes is here with potted flowering plants and herbs.  Oak Grove has potted herb plants, popcorn, pastries, pork and beef.  Caradonna, Terhune, Locust Grove, and others have apples and ciders, and Breezy Hill has hard cider and other cider items as well as pastries.
Max Creek Hatchery Trout

To see these and other stands and produce:
Union Square Greenmarket April 3