Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

No Union Square Greenmarket Monday, October 29

Sandy's the culprit! See you Wednesday, I hope!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gorgeous Green Grenadas and other beautiful peppers at Eckerton! A whole bunch of other varieties at Oak Grove!!

It's definitely pepper day in the Greenmarket. In addition to Eckerton and Oak Grove, several stands have peppers, both decorative and edible, including James Durr!  Stokes and Cherry Lane have good looking heirloom tomatoes, and Buzzard Crest is here (and for a couple more weekends, they hope) with tasty grapes and grape juices. Lani has PEANUTS!! Try their boiled peanuts -- so good!

 Norwich and Lani have great beans -- many sorts -- and many stands including Sycamore, Van Houten, and Stokes have delicious cauliflowers, broccolis, and squashes. Sycamore has MANY pumpkins, as do S&SO, Hodgson, and Hoeffner.
PE&DD Cooked Lobsters!

Gorzynski has lovely salad greens, fresh dug potatoes, and other good organic produce, and D'Attolico has sprouts, greens, and other items. Flying Pig has pork and poultry, Violet Hill has pork products, Belle Rouge Chickens, and wild mushrooms as well as eggs. Northshire has eggs, greens, squashes, and various other produce, and Quattro's has eggs, poultry, venison, and sausages.

Locust Grove Quinces

To see these and other stands and produce, click here:

October 27 Greenmarket

Check out last Saturday, Wednesday, Friday's reports.

If the storm really hits the region, today will have been the last to find plentiful produce until next year. Don't wait for my report -- go check out the Greenmarket now!

Friday, October 26, 2012

PUMPKINS!! Black and watermelon radishes! Brussels sprouts!

Roaming Acres has ostrich and pork meat. Pura Vida is here with beautiful fish and shellfish. La Delicias has a new small sized apple galette, the first canelles of the season, and many other delicious pastries and cookies.
Modesto recommends Miglorelli's knob carrots!
You'll be having tasty brussels sprouts at Blue Hill!

 Today is DUTCHMILL'S LAST DAY of the season. They'll be back in the Spring with lovely tulips.  River Garden is here with dried flowers and bouquets.
 Dutchmill's last gladiolas of the season!

Bodhitree and Norwich Meadows have gorgeous produce, including all kinds of beans, radishes, squashes, greens, and herbs, and Norwich has heirloom tomatoes, as does Berried Treasures.
Bodhitree cranberry beans!

Dancing Ewe has cheeses and sausages and Finnish Ruis is here with black breads. Hot Bread Kitchen has their delicious raisin challah as well as many other regional baked goods.
Las Delicias caramelized apple galette.

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Greenmarket Friday, October 26

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Grenadan peppers,Agra dulce peppers and Cardoons at Eckerton.  Surprisingly delicious late season heirloom tomatoes at Cherry Lane along with their excellent sweet potatoes. Unique sweet potatoes at Bodhitree!  Gorgeous hot and sweet peppers at Oak Grove, along with apples, pumpkins, and all kinds of squashes. Delicious broccoli and many sizes of pumpkin at Sycamore!

For these and other stands and produce, click here:
Greenmarket October 24


Rose Meadow's roses, Berried Treasures' tomatoes

Madura's Cauliflowers

Rogowski's cabbages
Blue Moon tuna

Paffenroth's Black Walnuts

Stokes Farm's Herb Wreaths

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wild ginseng at Mountain Sweet Berry and Violet Hill. Wild chantereelles at Violet Hill. Pumpkins everywhere!

9J and Cheerful Cherry are gone for the season, but most stands are planning to be here at least until Thanksgiving.

There are still heirloom tomatoes at Oak Grove, Stokes, Norwich Meadows, and others, and plenty of beans of all sorts at Norwich and Lani.  Great peppers both hot and sweet are to be found at Eckerton and Oak Grove, as well as S&SO and D'Attolico.  Beautiful lettuces are here at Gorzynski, Stokes, and Keith.  Excellent potato choices are to be found at Paffenroth, Mountain Sweet Berry, and others.  Northshire has beautiful produce , eggs, and other products.
Mountain Sweet Berry's CROSNES!


Cayuga has great breads, grains, flours, beans, and pastas made with their flours, and Flying Pig has tasty pork and chicken.  Violet Hill has Belle Rouge Chickens and various pork cuts and sausages, and Quattro's has wonderful poultry (ducks, chickens, pheasants, etc.) in addition to poultry cuts and products and eggs.

PE&DD has a wide variety of fish, shellfish, and seafood products  and Seatuck has gorgeous scallops, fish, and shellfish.

Buzzard Crest is here with delicious grapes and grape juices.

To see these and other stands and produce, click here:

Saturday, October 20 Greenmarket

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grenadan flavoring peppers at Eckerton! Bags of Rocambole Garlic at Keith's! Fresh Ginger at Windfall Farms! Concord Grapes at Caradonna!! Mountain Sweet Berry has CROSNES!!

Cherry Lane and Stokes have tasty heirloom tomatoes. Sycamore has beautiful broccoli and Windfall has purple topped turnips in many sizes.  Mountain Sweet Berry has unusual greens and Paffenroth, Keith, Gorzynski, and others have gorgeous braising greens.  Tamarack is here with unusual heirloom tomatoes, greens, and other lovely produce as well as meats and poultry, and Hot Bread Kitchen has many kinds of breads and other baked goods. Locust Grove has QUINCES and Concord grapes.

Cherry Lane, Bodhitree, and others have great looking sweet potatoes and Stokes has their excellent small red jacket and yukon golds. Mountain Sweet Berry and Berried Treasures have excellent small European potato varieties. Eckerton has CARDOONS! Tamarack has BLACK RADISHES!

Windfall's GINGER!!

Eckerton's Cardoons.

Blue Moon is here with beautiful fish and seafood and Hudson Valley Duck Farm has rillettes, ducks, and other duck products.  Rose Meadow is here, but Dutchmill and River Garden are gone, perhaps for the year.
Rose Meadow's "Sensation" roses.

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Greenmarket Wednesday, October 17

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Windfall has fresh GINGER!! Violet Hill has beautiful WILD MUSHROOMS!!Sycamore is going to have pumpkin carving at their stand today!

Pumpkins are everywhere in all sizes!  Breezy Hill has their tasty Russet apples and various other apples and pears.  Sycamore has gorgeous broccoli and Van Houten has beautiful white and orange cauliflower. Stokes, Norwich, and Oak Grove have good-looking heirloom tomatoes, and many stands, including Locust Grove, Terhune, Caradonna, and others have apples and pears.  Buzzard Crest has seeded and seedless grapes, white and red grape juice, and wines. 

Violet Hill has Belle Rouge chickens, pork cuts, sausages, and bacon, as well as chicken eggs, mushrooms, and ginseng.  Northshire has beautiful Italian greens, peppers, and eggs.  Paffenroth has delicious looking celeriac, leeks, all kinds of potatoes, onions, herbs, and carrots.  Miglorelli also has a wide variety of produce, as does S&SO, and Norwich has many kinds of beans and other vegetables. 

To see these and other stands and produce, click here:

Greenmarket October 13 Saturday

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Last Day For Cheerful Cherry until next summer!! First day back for Shushan hydroponic tomatoes!

As predicted, Cheerful Cherry's last day has arrived. Drop by to pick up their delicious canadice jelly and other preserves, hot peppers, and succulent plants.

Welcome back Shushan with their sweet cherry tomatoes and hydroponic herbs.  There are still good looking heirloom tomatoes to be had at Norwich, Stokes, Oak Grove, Lani, and other stands, and Eckerton has tasty looking small tomatoes, a wide variety of hot peppers, as well as chestnuts.  Oak Grove also has wonderful hot and sweet pepper varieties, tomatillos, and pepper bunches for drying. 

I got in my Thanksgiving capon order at Quattro's, as well as pheasant sausage stuffing.  They have all sorts of poultry, their delicious soups, sausages, and excellent eggs.  Violet Hill is here with amazing wild mushrooms, pork products, Belle Rouge chickens, and various eggs.

Sycamore has gorgeous (not a word I usually use for this) broccoli, sweet peppers, and other produce, and won't have a second delivery of corn today. Mountain Sweet Berry has sucrine lettuces, tiny potatoes, and other interesting produce, and Windfall has sweet tiny tomatoes, summer squashes, and many greens.  Paffenroth has many kinds of carrot and other delicious root vegetables, and Norwich Meadows has a wide selection of shelling and pole beans.

To see these and other stands and produce, click here:

Greenmarket Saturday October 6

Friday, October 5, 2012

Last Weekend For Cheerful Cherry, probably!

There's been a warning for a 33 degree weekend in Cheerful's area, so catch them today or tomorrow to get their heirloom tomatoes and grapes -- it could be your last chance of the season.   Other stands with good looking heirloom tomatoes: Norwich Meadows, Samascott, Oak Grove, Bodhitree.

Green salads and braising greens (Tuscan Kale, etc.) are available at Bodhitree, Queens County Farm Museum, Norwich Meadows, Miglorelli. Several farms including Sycamore and others have tasty cauliflower and Broccoli, and many many stands have winter squashes, including Van Houten, Oak Grove, Bodhitree, and others.  There are pumpkins all over the market.

Today is Roaming Acres day for pork, ostrich, and other meat, and Sun Raised Beef and Flying Pig are here as well.  Hot Bread Kitchen and Our Daily Bread are here with breads and Las Delicias has gorgeous fruit tarts and other delicious pastries and cookies.  Consider Bardwell and other cheeses are here, along with Dancing Ewe's Italian varieties.

To see these and other stands and products, click here:
Friday, October 5, Greenmarket