Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No flowers today!

Locust Grove does have flowering branches in addition to apples, pears, and cider. Caradonna has apples, pears, cider, too. Hudson Valley Duck Farm has duck bacon, rillettes, ducks, duck parts, and duck fat!! Bodhitree has greens and root vegetables, Two Guys and Shushan have hydroponic greens, and Rogowski is here with greens and other vegetables as well. Madura has good looking produce, too, as well as several mushroom varieties. Hot Bread Kitchen has several kinds of baked goods and Roaming Acres is here with ostrich meat. Windfall has greenhouse greens and Andrew's Honey is here as well. Beth's Farm Kitchen has jams, chutneys, and pickled vegetables.

To see who else is here, check out this URL:http://tinyurl.com/74vrmjk

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Looks as if we may have lost Cayuga altogether!

Unless they're late or staying out because of the high wind warnings, Cayuga seems to have decided not to come to the Greenmarket. I'm sad to lose them if that's the case. Anyway, they weren't here at 8:30 AM.

Here today, and most likely next Saturday:
Bulich -- mushrooms
Two Guys -- greens, sprouts, mushrooms
Quattro's -- poultry, eggs, venison, soups, sausages
Violet Hill -- chickens (they'll have fewer next week), smoked pork items, fresh pork, various eggs, chicken parts
Hudson Valley Duck Farm -- Ducks, rillettes, smoked duck breast, duck livers, duck parts
Grazin' Angus -- Beef
Flying Pig -- sausages, pork cuts, chickens
Lavender by the Bay -- lavender products
Our Daily Bread -- bread, scones, baked goods
Nemeth -- apple sauces, pies, muffins
Beth's Farm Kitchen -- jams, chutneys, gifts
Miglorelli -- root vegetables, juices, ciders.
Paffenroth -- many varieties of potato, onion, some unique root vegetables
Mountain Sweet Berry -- small European style potatoes, potato chips
Rose Meadow -- roses, anemones, other flowers
Cato Corner Farm -- Delicious cheeses
Three Corner Field Farm -- cheeses, yogurts, all kinds of lamb cuts, wool,soap
Norwich Meadows Farm -- root vegetables and greens

For these and other stands here this week and next Saturday, click on:

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cayuga will only be in Union Square, Grand Army Plaza, and one other market on Saturdays!!

It's like any other addiction -- it's tough to break my midweek ale bread habit now that Cayuga is only available on Saturdays! The Finnish Ruis black bread is terrific and Hot Bread Kitchen and others are here on Fridays, too, but I'm missing that bread, flour, bean selection, and grain selection from Cayuga.

There were many stands here today, and they'll be here next Friday when I'll be gone for the weekend, so here's some of who's here -- Bodhitree's produce, Pura Vida's beautiful winter fishes (herrings, monkfish, mackerel and others), Divine Brine's pickles, Beth's jams and chutneys, Flying Pig's pork cuts and sausages, Queens Farm Museum with greens and wools, and Sun Fed Beef.

Check this URL for pictures of who's here today:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Roaming Acres Has Bison, Pork, Ostrich meat and Emu and Ostrich eggs.

Central Valley has delicious butter, yogurts, and yogurt drinks in addition to various cheeses, soups, and sauces. Dutchmill is here with greenhouse tulips. Hudson Valley Duck Farm has rillettes, sausage, fresh duck, and other duck products. Consider Bardwell has cheeses, cheese chips, veal, and goat meat. Ragoo has elk and other meats. Race and Red Jacket have apples and pears.
Madura has mushrooms and D&J has vegetables and kimchee. Healthway has various potatoes and Buon Panna has breads and other baked goods. PE&DD has fresh fish and cooked lobsters.

Check this URL to see who's here today: http://tinyurl.com/7c5ujwj

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Violet Hill and Flying Pig have chicken soup meat!

Violet Hill also has beautiful chickens, chicken parts, fresh pork cuts, sausages, and various eggs. Flying Pig has sausages, pork cuts, and soup chickens (their roasters were gone by 9AM! Quattro's has guinea hens, capons, pheasants, and other poultry and Northshire has chicken, duck, and quail eggs. Three Corner Field Farm is here with good looking lamb cuts, cheeses, yogurts, soaps, and wools, and Catskill Merino has sausages, lamb cuts, and wools.

Cayuga is not here today. Our Daily Bread has breads, scones, and other baked goods, and Nemeth, Breezy Hill, and Oak Grove have all sorts of pastries. Breezy Hill, Caradonna, and Locust Grove have apples, pears, and ciders.

Norwich Meadows and Paffenroth have many kinds of root vegetables and Two Guys is here with hydroponic greens and mushrooms. Shushan has hydroponic tomatoes, cucumbers, and greens.

To see who's here and what they've brought, check this URL:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Queens County Farm Museum has baby spinach!

Queens County Farm, Bodhitree, D&J, Windfall, and others have greens and other vegetables. Rogowsky and Miglorelli also have a wide variety of produce and Flying Pig has pork cuts and chickens. Dutchmill has beautiful tulips and Rose Meadow has anemones and roses. Mountain Sweet Berry has all kinds of small potatoes and potato chips. Samascott and others have apples, pears, and ciders. Pura Vida has delicious looking fresh fish.

To see who's here and what they've brought, check out this URL:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dutchmill has beautiful tulips! Rose Meadow has lovely roses and anemones!!

The Greenmarket has come through with beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day and great treats -- Hudson Valley smoked duck breast, Consider Bardwell for tasty cheeses and chips, and the lavender people for gifts. Roaming Acres has Berkshire pork, bison, and ostrich and Ragoo has elk and other interesting meats. Madura has many kinds of mushroom and salad greens and Tello has several sizes of egg. The Monday Greenmarket is small but terrific!

There are many other stands with fish, bread, apples, pears, cider, jams, and pastries.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well, it's nastyish out, but not too nasty to find great stuff today in the Greenmarket.

Violet Hill has all sorts of fresh pork cuts (smoked next week) and their unusual chicken egg varieties, as well as Belle Rouge chickens and chicken parts. Northshire has vegetables, including cabbages and rutabagas. (Check out last week's New York Magazine for a recipe for rutabagas! Windfall may have them, too.)

Monkshood, Shushan, D'Attolico, Windfall, and Two Guys all have interesting greens. Shushan has cherry tomatoes and vine tomatoes, and Two Guys has shitake mushrooms. Bulich has many kinds of mushrooms and Miglorelli, Norwich, and Paffenroth have many kinds of root vegetables and some greens. D'Attolico has young garlic and sprouts.

Roaming Acres has ostrich, Flying Pig has pork cuts and sausages, Quattro's has poultry, including ducks and geese, and Northshire has good-looking ducks. Hudson Valley Duck farm also has tasty fresh ducks as well as delicious charcuterie. Cayuga has addictive ale bread, delicious whole wheat bread, grains, beans, and oils. Rose Meadow has beautiful roses on sale today.

Check out this URL for these and other stands in the Greenmarket today:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dutchmill and Bodhitree are back!!!

Just when I was getting discouraged about having anything new to tell you, Bodhitree has returned! Nevia has beautiful greens and Japanese sweet potatoes, along with other produce. And Dutchmill is here with lovely tulips. Bodhitree will be here on Wednesdays and Fridays and Dutchmill will be here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, depending on the weather. Cato is here with their bimonthly Wednesday cheeses. Rogowski is here with a variety of good looking vegetables.

The rest of the market is as it has been for the last few weeks, so you can depend on seeing breads from Cayuga, meats from Tamarack, Roaming Acres, and others, jams and chutneys from Beth's Farm Kitchen, apples and ciders from Locust Grove and others, and flowers from Rose Meadow. River Garden has dried flower arrangements and the Lavender people are here with gift items and edible lavender. See January 25's report for other stands you'll find today also.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dutchmill Tulips are Back!!! Consider Bardwell Has Veal and Goat Products!!

I'm so glad to see Dutchmill back in the market, but it is really early, product of this strangely warm winter. They'll be here on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Consider Bardell has brought in their delicious cheeses and chips and has started offering various cuts of veal and goat meat. A few stands have the Japanese sweet potato varieties we've come to love recently, and PE&DD have gorgeous fresh scallops and fish.

Healthway has interesting potato varieties and Red Jacket and Race have plenty of apples and ciders. I'm eating one of Race's sugar donuts right now -- I shouldn't, but I am! Hudson Valley Duck Farm is here with all sorts of duck products and ducks, and Andrew's Honey and the Lavender people are here -- How about ducks with a honey and lavender glaze?!

To see what these and other stands have brought in, check out this URL:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Aracuna eggs! Shitake Mushrooms! Cayuga's Ale Bread!

Well, it's more or less the same crew as last Saturday, but Cayuga has delicious grains and beans in addition to their great bread, Monkshood has sweet carrots and tasty greens, and Violet Hill's interesting egg varieties are back with some changes in feed. Check this URL for who's here today: http://tinyurl.com/7cuns35