Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
Check here for GrowNY's Greenmarket Maps for Union Square: http://www.grownyc.org/unionsquaregreenmarket

Saturday, December 31, 2011

There's a New Year's Eve Day Market!! Planning to leave around 2PM, though.

Flying Pig -- Pork and poultry. Three Corner Field Farm -- Lamb cuts, yogurts, cheeses. Catskill Merino Sheep Farm -- lamb cuts, sausages, other lamb products. Grazin' Acres -- meats and poultry.
Finnish Ruis breads -- Great with cheeses.
Ronnybrook -- Milks, butters, creams, yogurts, ice creams, cheeses, creme fraiche.
Cato Corners Farm -- Delicious cheeses.
Tundra Brewery -- Artisanal beers.
Shushan -- Hydroponic tomatoes and greens.
Bulich -- Several kinds of mushroom.
Caradonna, Locust Grove, Breezy Hill -- apples, pears, ciders.
Hudson Valley Duck Farm -- Ducks, smoked duck cuts, rillettes, salami.
Rose Meadow -- Roses and anemones.
Beth's Farm Kitchen -- Jams and chutneys.
Tonjes -- Buttermilk, yogurts, cheeses.
Hoeffner, S&SO, Windfall,and others -- winter squashes, onions, root vegetables.
Breezy Hill -- Cranberries!!
Rick's Picks -- Pickled vegetables.
Mountain Sweet Berry -- small potatoes and unique potato chips!
Valley Shepherd Creamery -- Artisanal cheeses.
Milk Thistle -- Milks and yogurt.
Our Daily Bread -- Breads.
Patches O' Stars -- Cheeses.
Nemeth and Breezy Hill -- Cakes, cookies, pastries.
See this URL for pictures of available items: http://tinyurl.com/8aam4gz

Friday, December 30, 2011

Small but excellent market today!

Quattro's, Flying Pig, and John Fazio are here with excellent poultry, game, and pork. Rogowski, Miglorelli, Two Guys, and Bodhitree are here with tasty produce and other items. Samascott and others have apples, pears, cider, and pastries. River Garden and Rose Meadow have dried and fresh flowers, and Beth's Farm Kitchen has preserves and pickled vegetables. Bobolink has delicious cheeses and Hot Bread Kitchen is here with all sorts of breads and other baked goods. Mountain Sweet Berry has tiny potatoes and three kinds of unique potato chips. Madura has a variety of mushrooms. D&J has fresh produce and kimchi. Roaming Acres has ostrich meat and Pura Vida has fresh fish and shellfish. For more of who's here and what they've brought, check out this URL: http://tinyurl.com/6t2shsa

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trapped at home!

Hi! I'm stuck here waiting for a delivery and for a repair, but I can tell you that Violet Hill is here today (they Tweeted!) with poultry, pork, and eggs! They won't be here on Saturday! Cayuga is here today after all! Several stands are gone for at least a month, but many are here, including Roaming Acres (Ostrich meat), S&SO (produce), Rose Meadow (roses and anemones), the lavender stand, Mountain Sweet Berry, Red Jacket, and others.

BULLETINS: Friday will be Nevia's last day until February (Bodhitree).
Violet Hill will be back on Saturdays starting January 7. Ronnybrook will be here on Saturday, December 31, but only until 2PM.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Just about every stand here today will be here next Monday as well!

Tello's eggs, here today, will also be here Wednesday and Friday and next Monday. Madura's mushrooms and produce will also be here (check them to see if they have celeriac -- hard to find this year). Central Valley will be here with cheeses, tomato soups and sauces, and eggs. Consider Bardwell will have cheeses and cheese crisps (addictive -- I'm planning to serve them New Year's Day with pumpkin soup). Healthway has great potatoes - many kinds -- and Race is here with produce and pastries. Roaming Acres has pork, bison, and ostrich meat today and will be here next Monday as well.

Check here for who's here today and who will be here next Monday:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Who's Here Today?

Violet Hill with poultry and pork, including gorgeous big turkeys. Flying Pig with hams, sausages, leaf lard, leaf lard pie crust, chickens, bacon. Keith with vegetables and Rocambole garlic for gifts (his last day for the season -- back next June!). Van Houten and others with Christmas trees and other decorations. Mountain Sweet Berry with three kinds of potato chips wrapped together as gifts or single, potatoes, and beautiful wreaths. River Garden with lovely dried flower arrangements and unique Christmas decorations. Three Corner Field Farm with tasty lamb products and gift items. Knoll Krest with many kinds of fresh pasta. Cato Corners with wonderful and interesting cheeses. S&SO with many kinds of produce, including squashes, beautiful little carrots, all kinds of onions, potatoes, greens, and gift items.

Check this URL for pictures of these and others here today in Union Square:

Christmas Eve Day Bulletin Saturday

Haven't been to the Gmarket yet but I do know some of the stands that will be there, including Violet Hill for poultry, pork, and eggs, Beth's Farm Kitchen for jams, chutneys, gifts, Ronnybrook for milk, eggnog, butters, ice creams, and other milk products, Bulich for mushrooms. I'll be going out in a minute to check for others.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Many Friday and Saturday Stands Here Today Will Also Be Here Next Friday!

Stokes -- Cut herbs, herb wreaths, potted lettuces, greens.
Quattro's -- (Here today and next Friday) -- Beautiful geese, ducks,pheasants,capons, sausages, venison, chicken and duck parts.
John Fazio --(Here today and next Friday) -- Ducks, chickens, rabbit, parts.
Pura Vida is here today with fish and shellfish for 13 fishes!
Tamarack and Flying Pig are here with pork and other meats.
Roaming Acres -- Ostrich meat.
Queens County Farm Museum -- Gorgeous carrots, spinach, greens, wreaths.
Muddy River -- Root vegetables.
Madura -- many kinds of mushroom.
Norwich and Bodhitree -- root vegetables, greens, squashes. (Next Friday will be Bodhitree's last until next Spring.
Oak Grove -- Last day until mid-January. Pastries, beef, pork, dried peppers.
Samascott -- many kinds of potato, apple, pear, as well as cider.
Check out this URL for what produce is available today: http://tinyurl.com/75culgd

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Day For Paffenroth, Stokes Farm, Blue Moon Fish!!

Garden of Spices will be at Abingdon Square for the winter, but this is today's last appearance at Union Square until spring. Stokes is also gone until Spring after today (They have great cut herbs today, as well as herb wreaths for gifts.). Keith is here today and will be here Saturday, December 24, but will be gone until late Spring after that. If you want cranberries, better get to Union Square today and check out the excellent variety at Breezy Hill's stand. Ask if they'll still have them this weekend.

Tamarack will be here all winter. Cayuga will be here Friday and then gone until after New Year's Day.

Many stands will be here Friday, but Saturday will be much quieter, so check with your farmer if you're planning for Greenmarket produce. Madura will be here Friday and Bulich on Saturday, so you're okay for mushrooms. Mountain Sweet Berry is here with potatoes and potato chips and will be here Friday and Saturday. Bodhitree will be here Friday with produce and Rogowski is here today. S&SO will be here Saturday with produce and gifts and Miglorelli is here today.See this URL for what's here today:

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lani's Last Day!

It's Lani's last day for the season, which is the only definite answer I got to "will you be here next week" from most stands. Healthway will be here next Monday, with a few others, but other stands will either be gone for just a couple of weeks or gone until Spring. The best thing to do is ask, but not everyone knows! Check this URL for who's here and what they've brought in today: http://tinyurl.com/73u8897

Norwich, Lani, Race, Hudson Valley Duck Farm, Consider Bardwell cheeses, Madura mushrooms and other produce, Red Jacket with apples, pears, ciders, and juices, and River Garden with dried flower arrangements are all here. Central Valley is here and says they'll be here next Monday, with soups, pasta sauces, eggs, and cheese. PE&DD is here with shellfish and other seafood. Raghoo will be here Saturday as well as today with poultry.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Check with your favorite stands to see who will be here next Friday and Saturday.

Today is Paffenroth's and Northshire's last Saturday until January 7. Many stands will be here next Friday (Quattro's and many others) OR Saturday -- or both, so today's the day to find out which. Some stands will be here next week and then not until January 13 or 14. I must confess that it got pretty confusing.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Who will be here next week?

Just about all of your Friday favorites will be here next Friday. Several Saturday stands will also be in the Greenmarket on Friday, Dec. 23, but not on Christmas Eve day, so check with your farmers tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Most Wednesday stands will be here next week as well.

Mountain Sweet Berry has brought back their potato chips -- three varieties -- as well as various small potatoes and Christmas decorations. There are other stands with Christmas trees, wreaths, and rope, including Van Houten. Beth's Farm Kitchen has a great selection of wrapped jams and chutneys for gifts and S&SO and Miglorelli have good gift choices as well.

Paffenroth was affected seriously by the floods and weather this summer and Fall and have fewer potato varieties than usual, but they have excellent onion family and potato choices. Madura and Bulich have tasty mushroom varieties and Tamarack, Rogowsky, Miglorelli, S&SO, Stokes, Bodhitree, and others have a variety of greens and other vegetables. Bodhitree still has Tuscan kale, for instance, as well as interesting Japanese sweet potatoes. Stokes and Keith have cut herbs. Shushan has hydroponic tomatoes and herbs and they and Two Guys have various lettuces.

Check with your favorite stands to find out who will be here Christmas Eve day or Friday, December 23.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beth of Beth's Farm Kitchen demonstrates chili today !!

Check with your favorite stands today and next Saturday if you're planning to buy produce or poultry for the holidays. Many stands normally here on Saturday will be here on Friday, December 23, but not on Saturday.

Order your Christmas goose from Quattro's today. They're here with venison, poultry, eggs, sausages, and smoked poultry. Violet Hill is here with bacon, pork cuts, and Belle Rouge chickens. Flying Pig has sausages, pork cuts, and chickens. Grazin' is here with meats and poultry.

Next week will be D'Attolico's last week until the middle of January, as well as the last week for Cherry Lane's excellent spinach, sweet potatoes, and other produce. Check with other stands like Paffenroth and Miglorelli to see if they'll be here past next weekend. Paffenroth still has a fairly wide range of produce including upland cress and hard to find root vegetables, and S&SO is still here with many vegetables. Oak Grove has great looking pumpkins as well as tasty pies. Cato has some knockout cheeses and Three Corner Field Farm is here with lamb, sheep's milk yogurt and cheese, and says they'll definitely be here on Christmas Eve Day with lamb.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lots of Gift Choices Today!

Beth's Farm Kitchen, Tweefontein, Roaming Acres, and Divine Brine all have interesting gift choices, including jams, chutneys, pickled vegetables, great recipe books (Beth), herbal items both edible and otherwise (Tweefontein), Roaming Acres (ostrich and emu items), and a range of pickles and chutneys (Divine Brine). Cayuga is here with great breads, flours, grains, beans, and oils that would all make great house gifts.

Rogowsky, Norwich, Bodhitree, and Queens County Farm Museum all have good-looking produce offerings and should be here on the Friday before Christmas. Madura will also be here with mushrooms and Pura Vida will have fish and seafood, especially for Seven Fishes. Miglorelli has tasty tomato juice and sauce, in addition to a large selection of produce (including lovely big fennel bulbs).

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cranberries, Tiny Turnips, Winter Squashes

Order your Christmas birds and meats now from Quattro's, Violet Hill, Flying Pig, Oak Grove, Grazin' Acres, and others. Breezy Hill has beautiful fresh cranberries and S&SO has bunches of tiny turnips to roast under your bird along with Stokes Farm's excellent small Yukon Gold and other potatoes or Mountain Sweet Berry's roasting mix.

D'Attolico has tasty greens and sprouts and Bulich has a great selection of mushrooms. Stokes has excellent cut herbs, greens, and winter squashes. Cherry Lane has luscious cauliflower, spinach, greens, sweet potatoes, and other delicious produce. Oak Grove has pies, pork and beef cuts, and squashes. Van Houten and Mountain Sweet Berry have Christmas decorations, including wreaths, greenery ropes, and trees. Beth's For Jam has beautifully wrapped jams and chutneys for gifts, along with her excellent cookbook with recipes for and with their preserves and chutneys.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Trees and Decorations

Well, there's nothing new, but there's plenty of good stuff here. Beth Linsky of Beth's Farm Kitchen will be doing a demo at the Greenmarket table and there are many tasty greens and root vegetables to be had. Miglorelli has good looking fennel and Two Guys, Bodhitree, Miglorelli, D&J, and others have tasty looking greens and salad. John Fazio has ducks, chickens, rabbits, eggs, and livers as well as poultry parts, and Cayuga and Hot Bread Kitchen have great breads. Cayuga has excellent dried beans and grains as well as flours. Check out a newish stand, Lucky Dog Organics, for greens and other vegetables. The lavender stand and Beth's Farm Kitchen are here as well. There is fresh fish available and Madura is here with mushrooms.