Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
Check here for GrowNY's Greenmarket Maps for Union Square: http://www.grownyc.org/unionsquaregreenmarket

Monday, November 28, 2011

Duck Rillettes, All Sorts of Potato, Greens, Cheese Chips

It's a smallish market and some farmers, like Maxwell's, are gone for the winter(and Lani is in their spot at 17th Street), but there are plenty of good things to be had today. Hudson Valley Duck Farm has rillettes, duck sausage, ducks, duck legs for confit, and duck fat for frying potatoes. Healthway has a wide variety of interesting potatoes and Madura has many kinds of mushroom as well as good looking produce. Race has pastries, apples, cider, squashes, and other vegetables, and Norwich Meadows Farm has all sorts of root vegetables and greens. Central Valley has eggs, soups, and cheeses, and Tello has eggs in various sizes.

Lani is here with many vegetables, including braising greens, salad greens, root vegetables, and many kinds of cauliflower. Consider Bardwell has delicious cheeses and a new product, cheese chips, that are addictive! The Monday Greenmarket is definitely worth a visit!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Stands Are Gone For the Season, Some Just For This Saturday, But Many Are Here.

Grazin'Acres and Oak Grove have beef cuts and Oak Grove and Flying Pig have pork. Flying Pig has chickens (and Grazin' may have them, too). PE&DD is here with cooked lobsters, raw shellfish, and fish, as well as crab cakes, lobster salad, and other prepared seafood.

S&SO and Beth's Farm Kitchen have great gift possibilities, including a basket of S&SO prepared foods and Beth's jams, chutneys, and cookbooks. Stokes has several kinds of their classic herb wreath. Speaking of wreaths, several stands have wreaths, trees, and other Christmas decorations, including Van Houten and Mountain Sweet Berry.

Paffenroth is here with several kinds of onion family vegetables, including leeks, cippolini, and shallots, many potato varieties, and other tasty produce. Gorzynski has a small but select offering of root vegetables as well as eggs. Stokes has cut herbs, greens, broccoli, cauliflower, lemon grass, and other excellent produce. Shushan has hydroponic greens and tomatoes.

Locust Grove has quinces, apples, and pears, as well as cider, and Caradonna has apples, pears, cider, and grapes. Hoeffner is here with their last tomatoes, as well as greens, squashes, and other vegetables. Gorzynski and Paffenroth have exquisite tiny purple topped turnips -- buy them now to cook with your Christmas bird, as Gorzynski will only be here for one more market.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Violet Hill, Quattro's, Di Paolo, Garden of Spices Poultry Farm -- All here with poultry orders!

Many stands are not in their usual Wednesday places and some stands for other market days are here today, so you need to do some hunting for your faves. Flying Pig, Tamarack, Quattro's, Di Paolo, Violet Hill, and others are here with poultry orders and extra turkey, duck, and other options. I picked up a delicious looking pheasant from Quattro's, along with pheasant sausage for stuffing. I got big bunches of rosemary and other herbs from Stokes, where there are also good looking small potatoes, broccoli, and other great produce.

There are plenty of squashes, pumpkins, colorful cauliflowers, and spinach around the market as well as apples, pears, ciders, and pastries. Unfortunately, I made a doctor appointment for 11 A.M., so I don't have time to give you exact locations, but take it from me, you'll be glad you went to Union Square! Cato Corners and Bobolink Cheese are there as well as Cayuga, Hot Bread Kitchen, and other faves. Three Corner Field Farm has lamb items and yogurt.

Okay, gotta go! Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Maxwell's Last Day! Central Valley's Soup! Consider Bardwell's Cheese Crisps!

Maxwell's farm stand has a wide variety of good looking produce, including baby fennel, greens, herbs, leeks, potatoes, cabbages, brussels sprouts, and beautiful lettuces. Race has big containers of small sweet potatoes for $1.95, brussels sprouts both loose and on branches, cabbages, cauliflowers, and other vegetables. Truncillo, Race, and others have apples and pears.

PE&DD have great looking bay scallops, other shellfish and fish, and cooked lobsters. Madura has potted fresh herbs, several kinds of cauliflower and cabbage, and their excellent selection of mushrooms. Healthway has a wide variety of interesting potatoes. Consider Bardwell has luscious cheeses and a new product made from their cheeses, cheese crisps. Hudson Valley Duck Farm has ducks and duck products including duck rillettes, smoked duck breast, and other duck charcuterie. Raghoo has ducks, chickens, and other poultry as well as rabbits and eggs. Roaming Acres has bison cuts, Berkshire pork cuts, and ostrich meat.

Central Valley Farm has eggs, soups, and cheeses. Andrew's Honey is here today and will be here on Wednesday. Cayuga will have their excellent breads on Wednesday, but has a large assortment of beans and flours today.
Lani has salad greens, braising greens, beautiful cauliflowers, and other great produce. Norwich Meadows Farm has tomatoes, greens, salad greens, interesting root vegetables, peppers, tomatillos, radishes, turnips, and a huge offering of other produce.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cranberries! Cardoons! Grapes! Hot Peppers! Burdock! Salsify!

It's a great day for the Greenmarket, but you need to search a bit for most of your favorite stands, since the Christmas market has pushed things uptown somewhat. Buzzard Crest is up towards 16th Street on the West side of the market and Cherry Lane is in their usual Wednesday spot in the middle of 17th Street. Flying Pig is at the very end of the West side of the market.

I bought beautiful purple cauliflower and squash from Stokes, as well as their excellent mixed herb bunches. I have Quattro's chicken parts for my stock and Violet Hill's bacon for the Quattro's pheasant I'll be braising on Thanksgiving. Cherry Lane has delicious sweet potatoes and broccoli and I bought garlic butter and egg nog from Ronnybrook. Seatuck has great looking scallops and other shellfish and fish (and probably won't be here Wednesday, unlike most of the Saturday stands.

Eckerton has beautiful little French radishes and cardoons as well as their extensive selection of peppers, and Oak Grove has cheese pumpkins and sugar pumpkins, tomatillos, cabbages, and other produce. They also have beef and pork cuts and other meat items, and pumpkin and apple crumb pies.

D'Attiloco has greens and sprouts, Cato Corners has luscious cheeses, and Three Corner Field Farm is here with lamb cuts. Bulich has many kinds of mushroom.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dancing Ewe's last day for great cheeses and gifts

Muddy River may be here again in two or three weeks.
Remember that the Greenmarket at Union Square will be open on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday next week, but NOT on Friday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fresh Cranberries, Grenadan Flavoring Peppers, Candy Cane Beets, Salsify, Burdock, Heirloom Tomatoes

The Christmas market is taking over the South part of the Greenmarket, so you'll have to search for your favorite stands, but they'll still be here. Cato Corner Farm will be in their usual spot on Saturday, but are at the South end today and next Wednesday. Eckerton is here with all kinds of delicious peppers and will probably have their last Wednesday next week. Bodhitree has delicious looking sweet potatoes, greens, salad, herbs, peppers, and other produce. Cherry Lane has greens, salad, candy cane beets, brussels sprouts, and their excellent sweet potatoes.

Many stands have good-looking cauliflower and Stokes has a great variety of cut herbs, including a great mixed bunch for flavoring turkeys and other poultry. Rogowsky has beautiful purple-topped turnips, cabbages, cauliflower, Jerusalem artichokes, and other vegetables. Bulich and Madura have selections of tasty mushrooms. Caradonna has apples, cider, and other produce. Hawthorne Valley has meats, sausages, quark, cheeses, breads, and greens. Roaming Acres has various ostrich meat cuts and other ostrich products. Kernan has cabbages, greens, brussels sprouts, and other vegetables.

Windfall has salad and braising greens, root vegetables, and edible flowers. Di Paola is still taking turkey orders for next week. Blue Moon is here with fresh fish and other seafood. Keith has fresh cut herbs, bags of rocambole garlic for gifts, and other organic produce. Tamarack has vegetables and meats and Beth's Farm Kitchen has all kinds of cranberry items, including jam and chutneys. Check out this URL for pictures of available produce and stands: http://tinyurl.com/722hhtm

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bottled Peppers, Fresh Grape Juice, Fresh Dried Beans, Venison, Jerusalem Artichokes, Tiny Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts!!

Berried Treasures has tiny potatoes and sunchokes. James Durr has colorful wreaths and Stokes is bringing in their wonderful fresh herb wreaths for the holidays. Buzzard Crest has grapes and grape juices and will be here next week, but further up in the market on the West side, since the Christmas Market is moving into their spot.

Quattro's has venison, rabbits, sausages, cornish game hens, various chickens, ducks, and chicken parts and eggs. Stokes has plenty of pumpkins, herbs, and broccoli, and Van Houten has big delicious looking cauliflowers, squashes, and other produce. Cato Corners has succulent cheeses, including their famous Dairyere, Vivace, and Bridgids, and will be in the market the next two Wednesdays in addition to Saturdays. Keith has herbs, greens, and gift bags of rocambole garlic and D'Attolico has sprouts and greens.

Seatuck has beautiful fresh fish and shellfish, including scallops, clams, and oysters. Miglorelli has Brussels sprouts and green and purple kohlrabi, in addition to a sale on Bosc and Clapp pears. Norwich Farm has heirloom tomatoes, squashes, peppers, greens, and other produce and is taking orders for turkeys for the holidays. Oak Grove and Eckerton have tasty hot and flavoring peppers. Oak Grove has beef and pork products in addition to their produce and Violet Hill has bacon and other pork items in addition to chickens and chicken parts. Catskill Merino has lamb, as does Three Corner Field Farm (which also has yogurts and cheeses). Northshire Farm and Violet Hill are taking turkey orders. Flying Pig has sausages and other pork products, in addition to chickens.

Rose Meadow Farm has beautiful roses and River Garden has dried flower bouquets, wreaths, and other arrangements. Beth's Farm Kitchen has many delicious cranberry items for the holidays, including sauces and chutneys.
Several orchards are here with apples and pears and Locust Grove has quinces as well. S&SO, Paffenroth, Hoeffner, Cherry Lane, and others have a wide range of produce.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fine Italian-style Cheeses, Duck and Rabbit, Apples and Pears Galore!

I spent this week driving around Vermont and New Hampshire, looking at the devastation created by Irene and seeing the efforts to clean it up. I saw many fields that had been flooded down to the rock, bridges of all sorts wiped out, and clearing out of rivers and streams going forward. We here in the city have no idea how lucky we were.

Here today:
Our Daily Bread, Hot Bread Kitchen, Cayuga
Samascott's delicious apples and pears
Miglorelli, Norwich Meadows, Bodhitree, Two Guys, and others for winter squashes, greens, lettuces, etc.
Muddy River for carrots, various onions, brussels sprouts, etc.
Madura for many kinds of mushrooms
John Fazio for chickens and chicken parts, ducks and duck parts, rabbits and
rabbit parts, duck and chicken eggs.
Dancing Ewe for succulent Italian cheeses. Ask them about their olive oil CSA.
Bobolink cheeses and breads
Queens County Farm Museum's greens and other produce.
Deep Mountain Maple syrups, candies, and other maple products.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Too late to post!

Sorry to say I won't be out early enough to tell you much. Yesterday's report should help you see what's in the market, especially if you check out the URL for the pictures. http://tinyurl.com/3sbxbax Make sure you check to see if Buzzard Crest is here today for wonderful grapes and juices, Eckerton for peppers, and Cayuga for breads. Shushan should be back with hydroponic tomatoes, too. Just remember that while the produce pictured will probably be available several of the stands will not, since they're on the Friday schedule.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The recessional has begun!

Dancing Ewe is here for two more weeks, along with Muddy River and Bodhitree. Ask Dancing Ewe about their olive oil CSA! They're here with delicious Italian style cheeses today. Muddy River has carrots, leeks, beets, and greens. Stands with brussels sprouts include: Muddy River, Miglorelli, and Van Houten. Several stands have sweet potatoes, including Bodhitree and Van Houten. Madura has a plentiful supply of various mushrooms and many stands have apples and pears. Tweefontein and Oak Grove have peppers and a few stands have the last gasp of heirloom tomatoes, including Sycamore, Oak Grove, and Berried Treasures.

Dutchmill Flower Farm is gone for the year, but Rose Meadow is here with fresh flowers and River Garden has beautiful dried flower arrangements. Ronnybrook has milks, yogurts, and cheeses and Bobolink has delicious cheeses as well. Beth's Farm Kitchen is here with jams and chutneys and Queens County Farm Museum has a wide variety of produce. Cayuga has breads and beans and Hot Bread Kitchen has breads and various crackers.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things are winding down, encouraged by last Saturday's Snow Storm, but most Wednesday stands are here.

I hope you love squash, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, hot peppers, apples, and pears, because those are the best looking produce to be found in the market. Paffenroth has black salsify, fresh horseradish, and other interesting novelties, and Stokes and Mountain Sweet Berry have great Italian sauce tomatoes. There are a few stands with heirloom tomatoes as well, but that season is really pretty much over. Sweet potato fans will find excellent ones at many stands in the market and Stokes and others do have lettuces. Bodhitree, Stokes, Paffenroth, and others have braising greens as well. Stokes, Keith, and Two Guys have herbs and Shushan has hydroponic greens and tomatoes. There are plenty of sugar and cheese pumpkins at Sycamore, Oak Grove, and other stands. Van Houten, Sycamore, Oak Grove, and others have big beautiful cauliflowers and broccoli. Eckerton and Oak Grove have many kinds of delicious hot peppers.