Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Winter Squash! Hot Peppers! Heirloom Tomatoes! Interesting Mushrooms!!

Dutchmill and River Garden are here with beautiful flowers.
Honey Hollow, Madura, and Bulich have many kinds of mushroom.
Cayuga, Hot Bread Kitchen, and Our Daily Bread have a wide variety of breads.
Sycamore, Bodhitree, Cherry Lane, Stokes,Norwich, and others have heirloom tomatoes.
Two Guys and Keith have several kinds of lettuce and Keith, Paffenroth, and Miglorelli have delicious greens.
Oak Grove and Eckerton have fantastic hot peppers of all sorts and Stokes and Paffenroth have bunches of herbs.
Among the people who have an assortment of potatoes are Mountain Sweet Berry, Paffenroth, Bodhitree, and Madura.
Andrew is here with unique honeys and Locust Grove, Caradonna, Breezy Hill, and others have crisp new apples.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time to buy tomatoes for freezing or sauce for the winter!! Pumpkins! Winter Squashes! Cardoons! Mushrooms!

Violet Hill has several kinds of wild mushroom this week. Bulich also has a large selection of mushrooms. Stokes, Paffenroth, and others have winter squashes. Lani, Norwich, and others have a great selection of beans. Stokes,Sycamore, Oak Grove, Cherry Lane, and others have heirloom and field tomatoes and eggplants. Eckerton and Oak Grove have great selections of hot and seasoning peppers. Eckerton has chestnuts. Check Keith for fresh black walnuts (I saw them Wednesday but breezed by too fast to notice if they have them today.).

This is the last day for Silver Heights and their beautiful vegetable and herb plants. They'll be back next year!

Several stands have peaches and plums. Sycamore has corn (no second load after that big rain) as does Oak Grove. Paffenroth has a wide selection of produce including gorgeous baby beets. Northshire Farm has puntarella, CARDOONS, and other unique greens in addition to eggs.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last gasp of the stone fruit this week?

Check out this URL to see who's here today and what they've brought:
Fantasy Fruit -- blueberries, apples, grapes
Rogowski -- gourds, onions, potatoes, greens.
Kernan -- okra, eggplants, peaches, peppers, mini pumpkins.
Honey Hollow -- mushrooms, elderberries.
S&SO -- salad greens, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, mini onions.
Eckerton -- Trinidad flavoring peppers, other hot peppers, basil varieties, tomatoes.
Tamarack -- pork products, greens.
Keith -- tomatoes, herbs, rocambole garlic, pumpkins, greens, peppers, fresh walnuts!
Beth's Farm Kitchen -- jams, jellies, chutneys, pickled vegetables.
Blue Moon -- fish and shellfish.
Andrew's Honey
Mountain Sweet Berry -- mini potatoes, French baby leeks, greens.
Sycamore -- corn, tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes.
Oak Grove -- herb plants, hot peppers, heirloom and other tomatoes, melons, corn, peaches.
Paffenroth -- wide variety of produce, including burdock, carrots corn, leeks, onions, shallots, unique greens.
Cherry Lane -- okra, heirloom tomatoes, eggplants, sauce tomatoes.
Bodhitree -- beans, squashes, eggplants, heirloom tomatoes, salad greens, herbs.
Stokes -- lemon grass, various mints, many basil varieties, heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, greens.
Three Corner Field Farm -- yogurt, lamb cuts, cheeses.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eckerton and Oak Grove Have Great Hot Peppers!!

Catch Buzzard Crest's delicious grapes and grape juice while you can! They are aiming for Thanksgiving, but the freaky weather may change that. I've already got a couple of pints in the freezer. Now is also a good time to buy San Marzano tomatoes from Northshire, Cherry Lane, and others for your winter supply of sauce.

There are a lot of winter squashes in the market already, at Norwich Meadows, Paffenroth, Oak Grove, and other stands. I've even seen pumpkins, although it looks like S&SO will not have their usual massive display this year. Paffenroth, Sycamore, and others have corn and Sycamore will be getting their second load, picked today, at around 11AM. Mountain Sweet Berry had Tri-Star strawberries when I went by at 8:30, but it looked as if they were going fast! They also have excellent sauce tomatoes.

Stokes Farm's heirloom tomatoes looked great this morning, as did Keith's, Oak Grove's, and several others. Cherry Lane has beautiful little fairytale eggplants and basil. Northshire has cardoons, puntarella, and other unique vegetables as well as eggs. Quattro's and Violet Hill are here with poultry and eggs and Flying Pig has tasty sausages and pork cuts. Ronnybrook is having a special on ice cream and Milk Thistle is here with milk. Tonjes has buttermilk, cheeses, and yogurt.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Muddy River is back!! New Bakery Finnish Ruis Bread!!

I was so happy to see Muddy River in the market today. They lost 75% of their crop between Irene and the other hurricane, but have leeks, beets, onions,and other good things. They say they will be coming in for a while, but not for the winter.

I'm eating some excellent cranberry rye bread from a new bakery in the market. They have several small loaves and other choices. The stand is called Nordic Breads. I'm in real trouble now -- love their cranberry bread, Cayuga's ale bread, Our Daily Bread's sourdough, and Hot Bread Kitchen's challah! Forget the low carb diet, especially on Fridays!

If you're planning to freeze tomatoes and herbs for the winter, this seems to be the weekend to do it. Some farmers are expecting frost tonight. Meanwhile, there are plenty of good looking tomatoes at Norwich, Bodhitree, Miglorelli, and other stands. Samascott has good looking Italian plums and several stands including Bodhitree, Berried Treasures, and Norwich, have excellent beans. Berried Treasures has TriStars and elderberries and Cheerful Cherry has great tomatoes and grapes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

EEk! Winter Squashes! Sweet Potatoes!! Grapes!! You know what's coming!

Fantasy Fruit has grapes along with their blueberries and apples. Tweefontein has several kinds of peppers along with herb drinks and other items. The hot peppers are IN in the market, with Eckerton and Oak Grove having the widest choice. A few stands, including Bodhitree and Paffenroth, have many kinds of winter squash in addition to their summer squash, signaling the arrival of Autumn. And the supply of heirloom tomatoes, while still fairly strong, shows signs of fading. There are still plenty of peaches, but that won't last much longer either. Locust Grove and Cherry Lane have raspberries -- better get those while you still can. Locust and others have grapes.

Bodhitree and Berried Treasures have squashes, beans, heirloom tomatoes, and other produce. Look for Romano beans among others. BerriedT also has Tri-Star strawberries and Mountain Sweet Berry has Italian sauce tomatoes and Tri-Stars as well. The shocker this morning for me was the huge range of winter squashes at Paffenroth's stand and the diminished supply there of baby beets! Miglorelli has a great deal of produce as does S&SO, but you know that October is about to come and crash the summer season. It's almost last gasp time!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Seatuck(whole fish, filets, shellfish), Ryder(organic produce),Buzzard Crest(grapes,grape juices)!!!

Many farmers had problems with tomatoes due to Irene and to the extensive rainstorms, but careful searching will produce rewards. Sycamore will be bringing in second delivery corn at around 11AM(picked today). Fantasy Fruit says that they'll have blueberries for about two more weeks. D'Attolico was hit with flooding and lost their wonderful carrots and tomatoes, but they're here with great onions, garlic, and sprouts. Hoeffner, Lani, S&SO, Paffenroth, Eckerton, Oak Grove, Sycamore, Gorzynski, and many others are here with great selections of produce. Flying Pig has pork products, chickens, and eggs, and Violet Hill has beautiful and unusual mushrooms in addition to their Belle Rouge chickens and chicken parts and many kinds of egg. Northshire has their own special eggs and unique produce.

The survivors of the rain include a wide range of hot and sweet peppers from Eckerton, Norwich, Oak Grove, and others. Stokes has all sorts of cut herbs, heirloom tomatoes, and other produce.

If you have a chance, call the Federal and State Agriculture departments to support relief for our farmers. They stood up for us; we should do the same for them!!! www.agmkt.state.ny.us/contact.html

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ducks! Tomatillos! Italian Plums! Melons!

Just about every stand usually here on Monday is here. Lani, Norwich Meadows, Maxwell, and others are here with a wide variety of produce, including beans of all sorts, melons, heirloom tomatoes, greens, salad vegetables, and herbs. Healthway has many kinds of potatoes and Truncillo has white and yellow peaches. Consider Bardwell cheeses and Hudson Valley Duck are here with delicious appetizers and great main dish items. Red Jacket and Race have fruit and other produce and the Lavender By The Bay stand has dried lavender and gift options. Norwich Meadows has golden and red raspberries, chickens and chicken parts, and various yogurts. Check out the following URL for a detailed album of what's available today:

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Buzzard Crest is Here With Grapes and Grape Juices" Second Delivery Corn From Sycamore at 11 AM!!!

Paffenroth is here with a wide variety of produce, but did lose a field of carrots and showed me pictures of fields of water. They still have beautiful baby beets, colorful carrots, all sorts of onions and related vegetables, herbs, and unique greens. Sycamore has corn, tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, peaches, and cucumbers. S&SO has all sorts of salad vegetables and herbs. Keith has heirloom tomatoes, salad greens, herbs, rocambole garlic, and other greens. Stokes has big bunches of cut herbs, heirloom tomatoes, lemongrass, squashes, and eggplants. Buzzard Crest has Niagara, Concord, and Delaware Seeded grapes, Caradice, Jupiter, and Nimrod Seedless grapes, as well as red and white grape juice!

Eckerton has all sorts of peppers and heirloom tomatoes. Oak Grove has herb plants, heirloom tomatoes, peaches, many kinds of hot and sweet peppers, corn, and pork products. PE&DD has cooked lobsters, fish, shellfish, and fish salads. Silver Heights has organic plants and eggs. Windfall Farm has many sizes and kinds of squashes and greens, as well as edible flowers. D'Attolico has sprouts, young onions, and young garlic. Northshire has rocket, puntarella, tomatoes, and eggs. Violet Hill has chickens and chicken parts, and Berkshire pork products, as well as mushrooms, duck eggs, and many varieties of chicken egg.

Check out this URL to see more of what's here today: (Incidentally, there are a few shots at the end from my visit to Russ and Daughters this morning. Not sure how that happened!)


Friday, September 2, 2011

Muddy River Is Not Here Today

Muddy River got seriously flooded. I hope that he can recover soon! Many of our farmers were victims of Irene. I wish them all well and speedy recoveries from wind, rain, and flood, and hope to see them back in the market soon. Meanwhile, we need to support the farmers who are here -- they, too, have had some problems resulting from the hurricane. When I think of how they struggled to get here the week of 9/11, and gave us a sense of normalcy, I have only good thoughts for them.

Meanwhile, here's who's here: copy and paste: http://tinyurl.com/3mjcojg
Cheerful Cherry(grapes, heirloom and other tomatoes, white and yellow peaches), Two Guys (lettuces, greens, herbs), John Fazio(chicken, chicken parts, rabbits,ducks), Roaming Acres(Ostrich), Bodhitree(eggplants,beans,peppers,greens,squashes,squash blossoms),Divine Brine(pickled vegetables),Cayuga(Breads,grains,dried beans,flours), Hot Bread Kitchen, Miglorelli (wide range of produce), Madura(just mushrooms today), Bobolink(bread and cheeses), Pura Vida(fish and seafood), Sycamore(corn,heirloom tomatoes,peaches),Berried Treasures(shelling beans, heirloom tomatoes,red and gold raspberries,squashes,cress), Oak Grove (white and yellow peaches, wide range of hot and sweet peppers and heirloom tomatoes,melons,corn), Samascott(blueberries,strawberries,Italian plums,other produce), Norwich Meadows (squashes,melons,beans,greens,heirloom tomatoes,raspberries,peppers,okras, tomatillos), Van Houten (tomatoes,melons, Stokes(lemon grass, many basils,other cut herbs,heirloom tomatoes,potatoes,cucumbers).