Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers !

Even the Largest Farm Stands Are Small Businesses . Let's Support Our Local Farmers  !

December 2016

December 2016
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cold But Worth It! And We Have A New Dairy, Duncan Dairy Farm.

The weather may be cold, but the sun is out and Lani has been back for a month! They have beautiful greens today, both for salad and for braising. Hudson Valley Duck Farm has tasty duck "bacon" and duck sausage ragu which I'm trying tonight. Central Valley Farm has fresh butter, spagetti sauce, eggs, and other goodies. Healthway has interesting potato varieties and apples.
Dutchmill Farm has beautiful tulips and River Garden has a couple of kinds of pussy willows. Phillips has peach flowering branches, spinach, rosemary, and root vegetables.

The ostrich meat stand is here and Race has pastries, Japanese sweet potatoes, honey, and apples. Red Jacket has canned their apricots and has many juices and apples. Madura has several types of mushroom and root vegetable and Consider Bardwell, in addition to their delicious cheeses, is having a sale of their goat meat. Truncillito is here with apples and cider. P.E. & D.D. has good looking fish, shellfish, and cooked lobsters and crab cakes.

I tried Duncan Dairy Farm's milk today -- very nice. They also have chocolate milk. D&J has kimchee, salad, bok choi, and other greens. Uphill Farm has beef, pork, and lamb cuts.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Despite the cold, Spring reentry has begun!! Stokes is back!

Quattro's has beautiful thick cut venison chops. Northshire has quail eggs. Violet Hill has Belle Rouge chickens, pork products, and duck eggs. Phillips has tomato products as well as jams and flowering branches. P.E. and D.D. has lobsters and other seafood and fish. Bulich has several kinds of mushroom. Shushan and Two Guys have salad and Shushan has hydroponic tomatoes. D'Attolico has greens, sprouts, and young garlic and onions. Cayuga has ale bread, whole wheat bread, and dried cannellini among other beans. Cayuga and Oak Grove have popping corn. Stokes has herb plants and flowering plants, including huge pots of rosemary.

Milk Thistle is here with milks and Ronnybrook has milks, butters, ice creams, yogurt, drinkable yogurt and cheese and is giving samples of their "keifer". Flying Pig has pork products and Roaming Acres has ostrich meat. The Lavender stand is here and Deep Mountain has 2011's maple syrup. Locust Grove, Terhune, Breezy Hill, and Caradonna have apples and Brezy Hill and Oak Grove have pastries. Oak Grove has herb plants (if it's still freezing out, they'll have them in their truck, so ask). Tonjes is here with buttermilk, cheeses, yogurt, and kefir. Cato Corner has a wide variety of cheeses. Norwich has kales and other greens.

Mountain Sweet Berry and Berried Treasures both have tiny European style potatoes.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dancing Ewe is Back With Ricottas and Cheeses!

Van Houten and Nature's Healing Farm have brought in beautiful flowering plant sets today. River Garden has various branches and Dutchmill has forsythia as well as beautiful tulips( they will be here all season on Mondays and Fridays and will start to come on Wednesdays in two weeks). Hammond is here with tasty yogurts and Cayuga has breads, flours, grains, and beans. Muddy River has chard and arugula (going fast!), as well as root vegetables. Bodhitree has greens and Grazin Acres has beef.

Deep Mountain has the first new syrup of the year. Dancing Ewe has Pecorino Stagianato, Cacciata, and Ricotta cheeses (this is their first day back). John Fazio has poultry, eggs, and rabbit. Queens Farm has mixed lettuces, spinach, and frozen heirloom tomatoes. Miglorelli has apples and frozen vegetables. Beth's Farm Kitchen has jams and chutneys and Berried Treasures is here with tiny potatoes and sunchokes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grim, Damp, Cold, But Our Farmers Are Here!!

Bodhitree is bringing in beautiful salad and braising greens and had their excellent eggs this morning. Most of the Wednesday stands are here, including Hot Bread Kitchen, Cayuga, Caradonna, Miglorelli, Beth's Farm Kitchen, Windfall, Breezy Hill, Red Jacket, and others.

This is Three Corner Field Farm's last day until the first Saturday in May! Stock up on lamb cuts, yogurts, and cheeses. Roaming Acres is here with ostrich meat and Blue Moon has good looking fish and shellfish. Tamarack has tasty pork cuts and eggs and Andrew's Honey is here with great honeys and honey products.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oak Grove Mesclun!! D'Attolico's Young Garlic and Onions!

Now that Oak Grove's lovely tiny mesclun is here, along with Vin D'Attolico's young greens and garlic, I know that Spring is about to arrive. Dutchmill Farm is here today with tulips, but will be coming in on Mondays and Fridays from now on. They are in other markets on Saturdays. Ronnybrook is giving out samples of their newest product, strawberry,blueberry, and plain "keifer" today -- I just tried it and liked it.

This is Three Corner Field Farm's last Saturday in Union Square for a month or so. They'll be back in May. It's lambing season!! Wednesday, March 23 is their last day for a while.

James Durr is back with magnolia and other flowering branches and Locust Grove has brought in their flowering cherry branches and pussy willow.

The rest of the stands are about the same as they've been for a while. Violet Hill has great bacon today. Unfortunately, Hudson Valley Duck Farm won't be here in the Saturday market, so you'll have to find them on Mondays for their excellent ducks and duck products. Quattro's is here with their excellent poultry and Flying Pig is here with pork products.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Early Bird Got the Swiss Chard!!

The only new greens in the market were Muddy River's spinach and swiss chard and Queen's Farm's spinach, all of which I missed by sleeping late today. If spinach is here, can ramps be far behind? Well, they can be two or three weeks behind, according to some farmers. But it is definitely time for me to get to all the Union Square markets early to catch the stealth Spring produce!

Hammond Dairy is here with yogurt, Bobolink with cheddar and other cheeses and breads, Madura with mushrooms, Muddy River with root vegetables, Cayuga with the ale bread I've been talking about here for weeks, and Beth's Farm Kitchen with jams, chutneys, and pickled vegetables. The rose people have pretty anemones again today as well as roses and other flowers, and Samascott has many kinds of apples, root vegetables, and grass-fed beef.

Tree-licious has apples, apple products, and pastries. Roaming Acres has ostrich cuts and the lavender stand has various lavender products for gifts. John Fazio is here with poultry and Bodhitree has many kinds of greens and root vegetables.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The usual Wednesday suspects are here, with root vegetables, etc. With the continuing cold weather, asparagus isn't expected until the middle of April, so we'll have to content ourselves with greenhouse greens from Bodhitree, Two Guys, and Windfall. Madura has a good variety of mushrooms and Caradonna, Locust Grove, Terhune, Miglorelli, and Breezy Hill have apples and pears as well as cider. Andrew's honey is here and Hot Kitchen, Cayuga, and Our Daily Bread have various breads. Ronnybrook is here with butters, ice creams, yogurts, and cheeses and Three Corner Field Farm has lamb cuts, cheeses, and yogurts (until March 23, their last day for a while). The rose people have roses and anemones and River Garden has two kinds of pussy willow.

Tamarack has pork products and Pura Vida has good looking seafood.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anna of Dutchmill is Back!! TULIPS!!!! Spring is Definitely Coming Soon!

It's always good to see Anna's beautiful tulips back in the market, and today is her first day! The rest of the market is pretty much the same as it was last Saturday. Locust Grove will have flowering branches in a couple of weeks and Mountain Sweet Berry should have ramps in about three weeks. D'Attolico has young onions and young garlic today.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Will Winter Never End? Stay Tuned!

If desperation drives you to purple-topped turnips, as it seems to have done to New York Magazine this week, you can find good-looking ones at Windfall Farm's stand today, along with a wide variety of microgreens and other greens and turnips. There are actually stands with salad, though, although we're still dependent on greenhouses and hydroponic farmers for lettuces and other greens. Bodhitree has a good variety of braising greens, salad, and pea shoots, as well as tomatoes. Two Guys From Woodbridge and Shushan have hydroponic salad greens and herbs and Shushan has hydroponic tomatoes.

Miglorelli has many kinds of frozen vegetables from their summer harvest and Madura has some greens along with their great variety of mushrooms, popcorn, and eggs. Windfall has their delicious aracuna eggs and squash puree. Rogowski has radishes, young garlic, and scallions. Berried Treasures has their tiny European potatoes and sunchokes.

Terhune, Locust Grove, Caradonna, and Breezy Hill have apples, cider, and pastries. Tamarack Farm has all kinds of pork products and Three Corner Field Farm is here with lamb cuts, yogurts, and cheeses. Ronnybrook has milks, yogurts, butters, and ice cream.

I'm totally addicted to Cayuga's ale bread, which is here along with their whole wheat loaf, grains, beans, and flours. Hot Kitchen is also here with various breads and Beth's Farm Kitchen has great jams and chutneys. I'm having ale bread with Ronnybrook butter and Beth's blueberry jam along with Windfall's eggs (hard boiled) for breakfast. Lovely!